Women Leaders

Through the years, 8 women leaders, have dedicated and committed themselves to the school’s vision and mission, took up the challenge of directing the school towards its goal of becoming the premier academic institution that it is today.

1948-1958 and 1968-1976  
Sr. Miriam Thomas Thorton
President, Maryknoll College

Sr. Maura Shaun
President, Maryknoll College

Sr. Mary Coleman
President, Maryknoll College

Dr. Paz V. Adriano
First lay woman president
President, Maryknoll College

Dr. Lourdes R. Quisumbing
President, Maryknoll College

1986 to 1997
Dr. Loreta N. Castro
President, Miriam College 
Led the transition from Maryknoll College to Miriam College

1997 to 2010
Dr. Patricia B. Licuanan
President, Miriam College  
Led the school into the 21st century

Dr. Rosario Oreta Lapus
President, Miriam College   

Guided by a 21st Century Learning Framework, she brings her extensive experience in the fields of education, human development and research to Miriam College.


Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of Miriam College, conferred by law with the power and capacity to manage the institution and render final decisions, except in those cases otherwise provided by the law. 

Chairperson Emerita: Lourdes R. Quisumbing, Ph.D. 
Chairperson: Josefina N. Tan
Vice Chairperson: Editha I. Alcantara
President: Rosario O. Lapus, Ph.D.
  • Emelina S. Almario 
  • Maria Lim-Ayuyao, Ph.D.
  • Nieves R. Confesor
  • Corazon S. de la Paz-Bernardo
  • Ambassador Laura Quiambao Del Rosario 
  • Baltazar N. Endriga
  • Sr. Margarita E. Jamias, M.M. 
  • Roberto M. Laviña
  • Carmelita I. Quebengco, Ph.D.
Ex-officio Member: Ma. Teresa D. Villanueva (MMCAA Chairperson)
Corporate Secretary: Atty. Rochelle Dakanay-Galano

President's Council

The President's Council, chaired by the President, is composed of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Development and Resource Management, the Director for Basic Education, the Finance Director, the Administrative Services Director, the Human Resources Director and the heads of the academic units, namely: the Principals of the Child Study Center, Grade School, High School, MC-SAID, Adult Education, and the Deans of the Colleges. 

  • Coordinating
    Members share information and developments in their respective unit/areas when the representatives from each body plans institutional activities together;
  • Consulting
    The President or members of the President’s Council meet to discuss inputs from other sectors prior to making decisions;
  • Decision-Making
    As a body, it formally makes a decision or takes a particular position on matters administrative in nature. Such decisions are subject to final approval by the President or, in some cases, by the Board of Trustees.

The President's Office

The President is the executive head of the entire educational institution. She is responsible for setting broad directions of the institution consistent with its vision and mission. 

President: Ma. Rosario O. Lapus, Ph.D.
Email: president@mc.edu.ph
Telephone: +632 5805400 extn. 1104


The Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (OVPAA) is responsible for the supervision and coordination of the academic units particularly program and curriculum development, faculty development, student development, and research.

Under the OVPAA are the
Director for Basic Education (DBE) who directly supervises and coordinates the Basic Education Units and the Head of Research and Publications Management Officer (RPMO) who is assigned to improve the quality of publications at Miriam College and develop research and publishing skills among faculty and staff of the institution. Also under the OVPAA are the different advocacy centers and special resource centers of Miriam College.

Vice President for Academic Affairs: 
Glenda E. Fortez , Ph.D.

Director for Basic Education: Ma. Corazon R. Reyes, Ph.D.

Research and Publications Management Officer: Jose Reuben Alagaran II, Ph.D.

+632 5405800 extn. 1201


The Vice President for Development and Resource Management

(VPDRM) is responsible for overseeing and providing management of the school's financial and human resources, administrative processes, information and communication technologies and the school's external relations. She is also responsible for providing leadership and direction for the strategic sourcing out of grants and funds for the various needs of the school. The VPDRM assists the President in the development and implementation of the institution's strategic plan.

The Finance Division, Human Resources, Administrative Services Division, Information and Communications Technology Office, Planning and Development Office and External Affairs Office reports directly to the VPDRM. 

Vice President for Development and Resource Management:
Rose Linda Bautista

Email: ovpdrm@mc.edu.ph
+632 5805400 extn. 1109

Finance Division

The Finance Division ensures the effective and efficient performance of the central budgeting, accounting, treasury, investment, and risk management functions in the College, plus the supervision of all its daily financial activities involving funds and securities. 

Director for Finance:
Anna Josefina Gil-Esteban

Email: finance@mc.edu.ph
Telephone: +632 5805400 extn. 1145

Human Resources Division

The Human Resources Division (HRD) develops and implements human resource plans, policies, standards, and programs that would lead towards full deployment of the institution’s human resources in support of the school’s strategic goals. 

Director for Human Resources: 
Noel C. Racho, Ph.D.

Email: hr@mc.edu.ph
Telephone: +632 5805400 extn. 1135

Administrative Services Division

The Administrative Services Division (ASD) ensures the maintenance, improvement, preservation, and security of the entire physical plan. It is also responsible for the efficient delivery of services of the business center and administer the procurement and safekeeping of the requirements of Miriam College.
Director for Administrative Services: 
Cynthia O. Morales

Purchasing Supervisor: 
Nide Marie Dulay

Email: asd@mc.edu.ph
+632 5805400 extn. 1166

External Affairs Office

The External Affairs Office (EAO) designs, implements, and evaluates the institutional communications program, which is geared towards establishing and maintaining effective channels of communication between Miriam College and its various internal and external publics.

  • Special Projects
    Generates funds and donations through special projects and events;

  • Alumni Affairs
    Forges relationships, together with the Maryknoll/Miriam College Alumni Association (MMCAA), between the institution and its alumni & other external publics to enable the institution to meet its strategic goals; Email: alumni@mc.edu.ph

  • Communications and Media
    Takes care of the publications, website, and various media to effectively promote and advocate the school's vision-mission to all its constituents.
Email: externalaffairs@mc.edu.ph
Telephone: +632 5805400 extn. 1115

Information and Communication Technology Office

The Information and Communication Technology Office (ICTO) designs, develops, and maintains the school’s computer network and internet/intranet connectivity. It handles the school’s Management Information System.

Information and Communications Technology Manager:
Engr. Eric E. Del Castillo

Email: icto@mc.edu.ph
+632 5805400 extn. 1152

Planning and Development Office

The Planning and Development Office (PDO) assists the President in planning, monitoring, and evaluating institutional strategic plans, research, development projects, and partnerships. 
Planning and Development Manager: 

Antonio M. Lopez, DBA

Email: pdo@mc.edu.ph
+632 5805400 extn. 1105

Institutional Partnerships and Programs Office

The Institutional Partnerships and Programs Office (IPPO) serves as the coordinating point of Miriam College institution-wide academic international activities and as a conduit for the strategic visioning and situating of the school in the international educational front.
Institutional Partnerships and Programs Officer: 

Maria Luisa Villano

Email: mvillano@mc.edu.ph
(+63 2) 5805400 to 29 extn. 8240


The Miriam Identity, Spirituality and Mission Office (MISMO) acts as the ministering team that accompanies the various members of the school in their journey of faith through prayer, liturgical celebrations, and psycho-spiritual integration.
Program Assitant: Ma. Czarina Espiritu

Email: mismo@mc.edu.ph
Telephone: +632 5805400 extn. 1170

Internal Audit

The mission of the Internal Audit Office is to provide, independent, objective assurance and consulting services designed to add value and improve the school's operation. It helps the school accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.

Director: Myrna G. Vidal
Email: mvidal@mc.edu.ph

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