Basic Education Units

The Basic Education Unit (BEU), which is comprised of the Child Study Center, Lower School, Middle School, High School, Miriam College-Southeast Asian Institute for the Deaf (MC-SAID), and Miriam Adult Education (MAE) units, ensures a seamless flow of the curriculum across all units. Its goal is to initiate innovative, relevant and student-centered programs to enhance the basic education system. Constant curriculum review, benchmarking with schools abroad, faculty development and the implementation of enrichment, enhancement and leadership programs ensure that high standards are maintained at all levels.

As a general direction for the BEU, efforts are focused towards honing students’ skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) by engaging in initiatives that enrich the curriculum and instructions, and by building interest among girls and young women in these fields.  It is Miriam College’s goal to develop women scientists in service.

Child Study Center

Child Study Center (CSC) is our unit for early childhood education for children from 3 to 5 years old. At the Child Study Center, we form children into happy, healthy, and well-adjusted individuals, who are ready and eager to learn in a pleasant, wholesome, and stimulating environment. 

Lower School

Miriam College Lower School (MCLS) encourages and provides enriching opportunities for young girls from Grades 1-5 to grow into confident and well-rounded individuals. Subject areas integrate the core values of truth, justice, peace, and integrity of creation through relevant programs that put the students at the center of the learning process.

Middle School

Miriam College Middle School (MCMS) was formed as a response to the unique needs of students in the pre-adolescent and adolescent age group. It is an engaging transition program that enables learners aged 11 to 13 years old (Grades 6-8) to move gradually towards independent learning through a developmentally-appropriate mix of hands-on, collaborative, and technology-aided experiences.

High School

Miriam College High School (MCHS) is our four-year college preparatory unit. It is not just an educational institution, but a home for an ever-evolving young woman whose goal is to become an excellent student and a compassionate Christian. MCHS offers a meaningful curriculum and quality instruction that answers the intellectual, spiritual, psychological, social, and developmental needs of your daughter.

Southeast Asian Institute for the Deaf

Miriam College-Southeast Asian Institute for the Deaf (MC-SAID) is dedicated to the total development of each deaf child who comes under her care and direction.  We believe that within each deaf child lies the same potential for future growth that is inherent in all children. MC-SAID provides an environment which will nurture and render fruitful the talents and creativity which we believe each child possesses.

Miriam College Adult Education

Miriam College Adult Education (MAE) provides quality and affordable education to the underprivileged youth and adults, especially to those who have been out of school for years. MAE 's Basic Education Program provides students with life-skills, knowledge and values to help them improve their lives. On the other hand, MAE's Technical Vocational Program hones students' competencies, in accordance with industry standards, to prepare them for a wide-range of occupations.
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