Child Study Center

Miriam College Child Study Center (CSC) is our unit for early childhood education for children from 2 to 5 years old. 

At CSC, we mold children to be :

  • Happy, healthy and well-adjusted
  • Ready and eager to learn in a pleasant, wholesome and stimulating environment
As an early childhood Educational Center we emphasize the development of:
  • Good values, attitudes and desirable habits
  • Skills necessary for children to become independent in school life.


Our educational programs provide children with a variety of developmentally-appropriate learning experiences that lead to the enhancement of self-awareness, competence, independence, and social skills.

At the First Step level, a progressive philosophy and Integrated-Thematic Approach is promoted in its curriculum. Integrated into the program are a strong language focus, age-appropriate and individual-appropriate learning materials and methods, a wide variety of activities that incorporate indoor and outdoor play, socio-cultural and gender sensitive learning experiences, multiple sources of authentic assessment, and a strong partnership between the school and home.

At the Nursery and Kindergarten levels, we make use of the Integrated-Thematic Approach - a method that builds upon what children know and are able to do. Our teachers calibrate different complex concepts to suit each child’s level of understanding. This revolves around the multiple intelligences of child development—verbal, visual, musical, mathematical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, natural and kinesthetic intelligence.

Contact Information

Child Study Center
Miriam College
Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights
Quezon City 1108 Phlippines

Trunkline: (+632) 5805400 to 29
extn. 3321


Early Literacy

Language Arts

This program enhances the child’s oral and written communication skills by providing opportunities for them to become avid readers, articulate speakers, and critical thinkers.

Media Education

Media Education

The Media Education program encourages children to develop skills and attitudes that will enable them to interpret and be more critical of what they see and hear in the mass media. 

Early Numeracy

Early Numeracy

This program develops the basic mathematical and problem solving skills that will lead children to become analytical and logical thinkers.




The Computer program reinforces concepts learned inside the classroom through fun yet educational computer activities, making them techno-savvy kids.



This program enhances motor and social skills through structured and free play activities in various indoor and outdoor play settings.

Christian Living Education

Christian Living Education

This program immerses the children in the fundamentals of the Catholic faith, making them experience God’s presence in their everyday lives.
Music and Movement / Art

Music and Movement / Art 

A special program that enhances the children’s musical and artistic talents, creativity, and imagination.

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