Miriam College is K-12 Ready

Why does my child need to go to a K to 12-ready School?

Completing 12 years of Basic Education is the the global standard for decades now and the Philippines is the only country in Asia and among the three remaining countries in the world that has a 10-year basic education cycle. K to 12 is necessary because it will:
  • improve kindergartners’ readiness for primary grades;
  • decongest the country’s 10-year curriculum cycle; 
  • equip high school students for college/university education and prepare them for the world of work after graduation; and
  • give Filipino professionals better recognition internationally

Is Miriam College prepared for a K to 12 transition?

Yes, Miriam College is one of the few schools in Metro Manila recognized as a K to 12 model school with a Grade 7 already in place. In the event of a full national implementation of the K to 12 program, Miriam College will just have an addition of one year in high school.

The school administration has also made the transition a crucial component of its own goal towards program quality and relevance. For this reason it has set up various committees to ensure the seamlessness of transition across all levels.

When and how will Miriam College implement the K to 12 Program

Miriam College will fully implement its K to 12 program starting School Year (SY) 2013-2014. A one-time acceleration scheme will be adopted wherein those who are currently in kindergarten will be accelerated to Grade 2 while the Grade 1 students will be accelerated to Grade 3 (click the button on the right to view the graph and see the corresponding age for each level). The current students in the First Step and Nursery levels will be the first to experience the eventual addition of an extra year.

It has to be noted that along with the acceleration, the curriculum in each level will be enhanced. This means that each acceleration level, learning content and skills shall primarily be made developmentally appropriate while the same time compliant to national learning standards. It also provides for the specific needs of both high achievers and the academically challenged.

Will the transition mean longer hours for my child?

We will not have longer hours in pre-school and grade school despite the acceleration and transition. The enhancement of the quality of learning experiences and processes will primarily focus on transition. In the high school, aside from adding a few minutes in each subject, we shifted to trimester scheme of learning. This allows students to have more opportunities to master learning content and performance standards given a more focused period of study.

What happens to my child if she is a transferee?

Miriam College will review the basic education program of a transferee's previous school to check whether it offers the basic competencies in each level Then, she is required to undergo a placement examination. This assessment will enable the school to determine her actual grade level. While age is a major consideration for admission to grade level, the learner's levels of achievement and readiness remain more crucial.