Southeast Asian Institute for the Deaf

Miriam College-Southeast Asian Institute for the Deaf (MC-SAID) is dedicated to the total development of each deaf child who comes under her care and direction.  We believe that within each deaf child lies the same potential for future growth that is inherent in all children.

MC-SAID provides an environment which will nurture and render fruitful the talents and creativity which we believe each child possesses.

Philosophy of Education

Being ever mindful that a deaf child’s handicap is language deprivation, MC-SAID is guided by the principle of Total Communication. This is a multilevel approach to the education of the deaf child to all forms of communication available in order that it may develop goals of language competence and scholastic success.

Total Communication includes all language modalities: child-devised gestures, the formal language of signs, speech, speechreading, fingerspelling, amplification of residual hearing, reading and writing.

The full commitment of MC-SAID to the Total Communication philosophy and approach to learning for the young deaf learners has opened the minds and hearts of young deaf children and their parents to a new means of communication, essential for a normal psycho-social development


MC-SAID offers academic programs from pre-school to high school. Special learning areas such as speech and Auditory Training, Rhythm, Sign Language and other essential components in the education of the deaf child are integrated in the curriculum.

Contact Information

Southeast Asian Institute for the Deaf
Miriam College
Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights
Quezon City 1102 Philippiines

CAROLYN C. UI, Principal

4359241-45 loc. 3521



Integrated Family Comm.


Integrated Family Communication and Education Program

Sign language classes in three curriculum levels: beginners, intermediate and advance are offered to parents, siblings, guardians and caregivers of students. Seminars on topics such as Reading, Communication, Discipline, Emotional Quotient and the like are also provided to the parents.

Deaf Awareness Program

Deaf Awareness Program

The Program is directed to friends of the deaf and the community in general. It has for its objective the fostering of awareness and understanding by the different members of the community of deaf people and the challenges brought about by their disability. Deaf awareness seminars and sign language classes are provided to the different members of the community.

Interaction Program

Interaction Program

Interaction with other deaf communities as well as society at large through outreach programs and interaction with different schools are part of the yearly activities of MC-SAID.

The favored location of MC-SAID in a regular College campus provides an excellent atmosphere that promotes the ideal physical, social and academic integration of the students with their hearing peers at the elementary, secondary and college levels within the school campus and from different schools that surround MC- SAID.

Co-curricular Program

Co-curricular Program

To ensure a wholistic development for its learners, MC-SAID provides activities that are designed to meet the needs of and stimulate interests expressed by the students. As much as possible, these activities cover a wide range of abilities; ensuring equal opportunities for all students to participate in such programs. Regular club meetings once a week are always a welcome break from the daily grind of classroom instruction. These clubs include dance and theater, sports and arts and crafts. 

Speech and Auditory Program

Speech and Auditory Program

Speech and Auditory Training Program is a special learning area wherein students are provided with opportunities to develop, enhance and maximize their capabilities in oral communication. 

Guidance and Counseling


Guidance and Counseling Program

Schools everywhere are trying their best to meet the ever increasing needs of children and the expectations of today’s society. Educators and parents are challenged to educate all students at an ever-higher level of literacy to meet the demands of an internationally competitive, technological marketplace. However, our students also have to contend with some issues that may arise from their disability. As a response, the school provides for programs that would ensure that students are emotionally cared for. 

Tutorial Program

Tutorial Program

The school believes that it is the duty of the parents to supervise their children in their school work. However, if parents feel the need for additional help, the school offers tutorial assistance to its students on all subject areas.

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Nutrition Month


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United Nations Day


Institutional Celebration of Deaf Awareness Week



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