The Higher Education Unit

The Higher Education Unit (HEU) of Miriam College is composed of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), College of Education (CED), and the College of Business, Entrepreneurship and Accountancy (CBEA). It is a leading institution of higher learning for women committed to the development of effective women leaders who are active agents of social change. It is one of the first schools nationwide to have been granted full autonomy by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). 

A well-rounded Miriam College education blends academic competence with social awareness and involvement, and spiritual formation. It also believes in the value of student activities in the education process. Thus, students are exposed to a variety of activities designed to meet varied interests and needs. Other outstanding features of Miriam College include its unique courses of study, academically competent professors, a community or family environment, and a clean and green campus.

Vision Statement

The Higher Education Unit is a progressive learning institution that forms effective Filipino leaders, particularly women, and well-rounded citizens, excellent professionals, and socially responsible intellectuals who are prepared to take on productive, relevant and fulfilling careers that serve the needs and aspirations of the Filipino people and the global community.

Mission Statement

Proud of its Catholic character and deeply rooted in Miriam Spirituality, the Higher Education Unit provides holistic graduate and undergraduate academic programs using an interdisciplinary, values-oriented, critical,

and independent study approach that inspires lifelong learning, research, reflection, and social action. The Higher Education Unit, steered by dynamic faculty, employees, and leaders who serve as engaged agents and advocates for social change, promotes the core values of truth, justi ce, peace, and integrity of creation.


Miriam College is a learning institution that fosters a climate of academic excellence and collegiality. It provides an empowering environment that sees the student as the center of the educational process. Dedicated to a holistic education for lifelong learning, Miriam College exposes students to diverse learning opportunities for intellectual engagement, social transformation, and nourishment of the spirit that is rooted in Miriam spirituality. The school also prepares students for responsible leadership, while instilling social consciousness anchored on love of country and global awareness.

Contact Information

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