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Graduate Diploma in Integrated Marketing Comm..

Graduate Diploma in Integrated Marketing Communication 

The Graduate Diploma in Integrated Marketing Communication is a post-baccalaureate program for students who would like to gain knowledge and skills in the use of all marketing communication element, either because of the lack of formal training in the field or the need for refresher courses. Students need to complete the required 18 units to earn a Graduate Diploma. These 18 units are credited towards a master’s degree should they decide to continue with the master’s program within five years from the time they first enrolled in the Graduate Diploma program.

MA Psychology major Developmental Psychology

Master of Arts in Psychology major Developmental Psychology

The Master of Arts in Psychology major in Developmental Psychology is a graduate thesis program for students who wish to go through substantive training in developmental psychology. Bearing in mind the diversity of the field, the student receives adequate preparation through an intensive life-span approach in scholarly research and actual field practice. It is also designed for those who desire to be professionals in assessment and evaluation, therapy and program development, research, and assessment in developmental psychology. Its emphasis is on training skilled developmental psychologists who can contribute and help people, particularly families in normative or difficult circumstances.

MS Environmental Studies

MS Environmental Studies

The Master's Programs in Environmental Studies is designed for individuals who will be actively involved in addressing many of our environmental problems. These programs provide students with knowledge of the principles of environmental science and management and prepare them to become leaders in solving the environmental problems of the 21st century.

Master in Gerontology (non-thesis)

Master in Gerontology (non-thesis)

The Master's Program in Gerontology seeks to develop highly trained professionals with a strong scientific and multi‑disciplinary perspective in the field of gerontology. The course seeks to help professionals who will devote themselves to the study of aging and the provision of social services in order to enable older adults deal better with stressors common in later life, such as loss of loved ones, relocation, medical conditions, care-giving demands, change in employment status, and poverty, which significantly affect the health and independence of older adults. Gerontologists address these and other issues in terms of research and services, as diverse as family relationships, memory, sexuality, health promotion, and community-based initiatives.

Master in Social Work

The Master in Social Work (MSW) is a research and policy-oriented graduate program intended for social workers and social development practitioners. 

Capitalizing on Miriam College’s strong base of international programs and active advocacies on peace, gender and the environment, the MSW program adopts inter-disciplinary, international and critical perspectives that examine how global issues impact on local communities, people and individuals and how diverse and multiple stakeholders at various levels can work together to achieve social justice and national development goals.

The MSW degree will enable graduates to

  • strengthen the theoretical and ethical grounding of their practice;
  • use research effectively to improve effective delivery of social services
  • design social welfare and development policies and programs that are gender responsive, inclusive and sustainable, aligned with local, national, ASEAN and global priorities
  • publish their scholarly work in a peer-reviewed journal or through paper presentations in national or international conferences.  
Our MSW curriculum is ladderized allowing students the option to enroll first in an 18-unit Graduate Diploma Course in Social Work for 1 year (2 semesters) before continuing to MSW. As part of their MSW program, students have an option to specialize in:
  • Corporate Social Work
  • Humanitarian Studies

Total Number of Units: 43 units

Ph.D. in Environmental Education

Ph.D. in Environmental Education

This program answers the need for innovati ve educators who integrate environmental knowledge, values, and skills with advances in pedagogy. Courses off ered provide a multi disciplinary approach to understanding the interaction between humans and the natural environment. The program develops the capability of graduates to teach environmental literacy to students of different levels.

Ph.D. in Environmental Studies

Ph.D. in Environmental Studies

This program aims to meet the need for high-caliber researchers and problem-solvers in the public and private sectors. It off ers a multi disciplinary approach to the study of the environment, with courses that provide students with viewpoints from the natural sciences, social sciences, law, and engineering. The program allows students to develop higher levels of knowledge, understanding, analysis, and synthesis of environmental problems of today and
of the future.

Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology

Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology

The Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology major in Developmental Psychology is a program for students who have already acquired a graduate degree in psychology and wish to pursue higher studies and specialization in developmental psychology. The program aims to train students in a highly specialized degree in developmental psychology using the domain approach in research and practice. The domain approach allows the PhD student to understand the different stages of human development in-depth, wherein each stage is demarcated focusing on research questions and methods, with implications for the training of specialists in the field.

Ph.D. in Family Studies

Ph.D. in Family Studies

The Doctorate Program in Family Studies seeks to develop highly trained professionals with a strong scientific and multidisciplinary perspective in the field of child development and family studies. Designed to develop an in-depth understanding of the family system, the courses are focused on the dynamics of relationships in the family and the impact of various agencies and systems on the individual and the family. Likewise, the program prepares professionals in the area of family life education, research, family advocacy, and administration of human service agencies.

MA Integrated Marketing Communication

Master of Arts / Master in Integrated Marketing Communication

The Master of Arts/Master in Integrated Marketing Communication program enables the student to specialize in the strategic integration of all marketing communication elements: public relations, publicity, advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, personal selling, events marketing and electronic marketing to create and enhance profitable relationships with the customers and achieve business success.


  • Certificate in Environmental Management
  • Certificate in Environmental Studies
  • Certificate in Environmental Education
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