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"We learn to do business by doing business"

The College of Business, Entrepreneurship and Accountancy aims to transform students into professional career specialists and decision makers in the corporate world who are equipped with the right values and are knowledgeable in the different business principles. The different majors offered will help prepare them well for a career in business field.

Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

BS Business Administration

The program aims to transform students into professional career specialists and decision makers in the corporate world who are equipped with the right values and are knowledgeable in the different business principles. The different majors offered will help prepare them well for a career in the field.

The Financial and Investments Management program provides students with a strong foundation in business management while honing their knowledge in current financial management practices and investments.

The Marketing Management program provides students with a strong business management foundation. They are taught how to run the marketing efforts of a business entity. Special attention is given to marketing research, sales management, advertising and promotions management, international marketing, and pricing strategies.

BS Entrepreneurship

This program aims to prepare young women to become competent and well-balanced entrepreneur-leaders in the fields of Culinary Arts, Product Design and Development, and Fashion Technology; or a combination of these areas of specialization. Emphasis is on developing an entrepreneurial mindset in managing small to medium-sized enterprises; to be innovative, proficient in preparing business plans, adept in identifying promising business opportunities, gain confidence in making sound business decisions, and at the same time, acquire the necessary practical skills in their chosen field.

The Department offers two degree programs namely, the BS Entrepreneurship with option to minor in Culinary Arts, Product Design and Development, or Fashion Design and the BS Entrepreneurship major in Culinary Arts. It also offers two Associate programs: Associate in International Culinary Arts and the Associate in Culinary Arts (a special program for the deaf). These programs are offered in collaboration with our partner institutions: American Hospitality Academy - Philippines, Philippine Trade Training Center, and Fashion Institute of the Philippines.

BS Accountancy

This program principally aims to prepare students for the Licensure Examination for Certified Public Accountants (CPA) and for a career in the field of accountancy and finance.

Intensive training is provided to enable students to become competitive and responsive to the requirements of our increasingly globalized economy. Alongside intensive major courses, students benefit from a comprehensive curriculum designed to produce well-rounded and responsible professionals who are multi-disciplinary and conversant in concepts in business, sciences, and other fields. The graduates are not only competent accountants, but also financial analysts and business advisors who uphold the ethics and the principles of transparency and accountability.

The students’ competencies are developed in the following aspects: organizational development, problem solving, objective and analytical thinking, business and corporate communications and information technology (IT); responsible decision-making; self-motivati ng techniques, and professionalism.

BS Accounting Technology

This program is  a non-board program designed  for accounting technicians  who could service the needs of the BPO industry for finance and accounting services.  

Among the finance and accounting functions which are being outsourced are accounting and bookkeeping, among many others which may very well fall under sub-professional services and may not necessarily be rendered by Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s) but by bookkeepers or accounting technicians. Accounting technicians are those skilled support staff who will work in sub-professional or vocational type of accounting work. This includes maintaining systematic records of business transactions, verifying and recording them, using computers to calculate, preparing and processing financial records.

BS Leisure and Tourism Management

This program is designed to prepare its graduates to become career specialists and decision makers in the leisure and tourism industries in the Philippines and abroad. It aims to provide a viable and continuous pool of competent and talented manpower trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of the leisure and tourism industries, ready to take on management tasks anytime and anywhere in the world.

The local leisure and tourism industry is continuing to experience a boom, as a result of the government’s thrust to actively promote the Philippines as a tourist destination. Upsurge in the Philippines tourism has come on the back of wide range of promotional activities and products, including attractive honeymoon and diving packages, golf, and English learning programs. The private sector on its part has ramped up its spending and capital outlays for new tourist and leisure facilities, even in areas that were previously untapped. The Leisure and Tourism Management program intends to provide the essential manpower to aid in the tuition on this rising industry.

Master of Arts in Human Resource Development

The Master of Arts in Human Resource and Development program is a thesis program designed to equip graduate students with skills and competencies to become fully functioning Human Resource persons in their professional endeavors. It seeks to prepare them to become effective agents for social transformation.

Master in Strategic Human Resource Management

Strategic Human Resource Management is a non-thesis program designed to prepare graduate students to deal with the complexities and challenges of managing today’s workforce. The program content provides a comprehensive coverage of the major human resource responsibilities addressing strategic and operational aspects, formulation and execution of human resource systems that produce employee competencies and behaviors the company needs to achieve its strategic aims; and develop organizational cultures that foster innovation and flexibility. 

The courses involve both theoretical and practical considerations in the professional development of men and women in the field of human resources in such settings as business, industry, government, and non-profit organizations and institutions.

Master in Business Administration

The Master in Business Administration is a non-thesis graduate program intended for business professionals, practitioners, entrepreneurs, employees in public and private institutions, and senior undergraduate students (regardless of field of study and seeking to earn a straight master’s degree) to prepare them for management roles either in the field of Human Resource Management, Strategic Marketing Management or in Innovation Management. It is designed to develop practitioner-oriented skills that enable would-be managers to contribute to strategic decisions necessary for the organization’s viability and sustainability.

Specialization Tracks:

  • Strategic Marketing Management
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Innovation Management

Total Program Units: 49 units

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