College of International, Humanitarian and Development Studies (CIHDS)  

The College of International, Humanitarian and Development Studies (CIHDS) provides students with inter-disciplinary knowledge and specialized skills to understand an ever changing world. It aims to contribute to the formation of future leaders with a global perspective but who are grounded in their own cultures and responsive to national and regional challenges. It has three degree-granting departments - International Studies, Social Work, and Migration Studies, together with an academic service program, National Service Training Program.

Our Programs

International Studies

BA International Studies

The Bachelor of Arts major in International Studies (IS) is a comprehensive inter-disciplinary program that enhances competence in international relations and development. It leads to professional careers in diplomatic and consular affairs as well as employment in inter-governmental and other international development organizations. Its International Politics (ISI) track combined with a Minor in Peace Studies concentrate on issues of peace and human security, war and conflict as well as inter-dependence among state and non-state actors combined with skills building in peace education, conflict resolution and mediation. Its Development Studies (ISD) track combined with a Minor in Gender Studies concentrate on issues of poverty, human well-being, development planning, management and finance and has a special focus on gender analysis and integration in poverty responses and development cooperation.

Certificate Course IS

To obtain a certificate in International Studies, students should complete 18 units of which should be made up of a combination of basic and major subjects plus an elective subject (3 units).

MA International Studies

The graduate program seeks to deepen the understanding of new developments, emergent complexities and persistent issues linked to globalization, with emphasis on global governance, that challenge theories and practices in international relations and development. The goal of the whole course is to produce graduates who are academically and technically prepared to be facilitators for social change and more equitable development aided by a perspective of global-regional-local interactions.

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Social Work

BS Social Work

The social work program adheres to producing professionals who are competent, passionate and socially committed in their chosen field and in diverse work settings. The social work program commits to form students who are globally-creative thinkers yet taking pride in their national heritage, who can bring strong leadership skills to the job yet attuned to harnessing individual human potentials.

The social work program combines in the social work curriculum the concept of internationalism and multi-disciplinary approaches. This perspective includes looking at how global issues impact on local communities, people and individuals; and different layers of interventions that are responsive and effective. With the knowledge, skills and attitudes students acquire, they understand better policy implications, work effectively in service delivery and resource management. 

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Migration Studies

MA Migration Studies

Migration is intertwined with a host of issues such as economic development, human security, transnational social movements, gender and human rights to name just a few. The complex and multi-dimensional phenomenon of migration has generated varied and competing perspectives, approaches and discourses which animate the study of migration.

The Migration Studies Program in the Philippines is an interdisciplinary program committed to the critical study and analysis of contemporary issues and challenges in migration. The program draws upon theories and knowledge from different social science disciplines to understand the multidimensional nature of migration as a social process that interweaves with politics, economics, culture, legal systems and other social forces that impinge on people crossing geographical borders. A specific focus of the program is the crosscutting theme of gender as a crucial element in the process of migration.

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