Institutional Network for Social Action

The Institutional Network for Social Action (INSA) is Miriam College’s center for volunteerism and social development.  INSA’s role is to intensify volunteerism that is expertise-based and that is contributing to social development.  INSA acts a “broker-mediator” in bringing the expertise and services of Miriam College to poor communities and marginalized groups, while at the same time making these as opportunities for students, teachers and staff to learn meaningfully in the process.

Miriam College, through INSA continues to work in solidarity with the poor and in partnership with civil society groups in bringing about justice and peace in our society. 

Our Programs

Our programs are premised on the principle that relevant education has at its core the values of service and solidarity with the poor and marginalized, which is an ethical imperative.

Service-Learning Program

INSA, through the Service-Learning Program involves students in organized community service that addresses community needs while at the same time develops their academic skills, sense of social responsibility and commitment to the community.

Community Partnership and Development Program

The Community Partnership and Development Program aims to help empower the people within partner communities.  In particular, INSA engages as many people as possible in various initiatives towards community mobilization for development. 

The components of this program are:

1.  Leadership formation for adult and youth
2. Community organization and consolidation of volunteer groups
3. Health and wellness promotion for the elderly
4.  Livelihood skills development and support
5.  Education aid and support service to public school children
6.  Community day care center enrichment

Volunteer Formation

INSA orchestrates volunteer efforts and steers outreach activities of various groups and individuals within Miriam College towards meaningful community service and advocacy work.

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Contact Information

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