MC Swimming Pool Project

Miriam College is taking the plunge with the construction of a new swimming pool!

Our Purpose

  • To contribute to the holistic development of our students by adding Swimming in classes across all units.
  • To provide the school's varsity swimming team an accessible practice area
  • To foster competitiveness and encourage more students to be part of the varsity swimming team
  • To add to the roster of sports summer offerings of the school
  • To host inter-school swimming competitions
  • To introduce new activities to the MC community that promote health and wellness


  • Semi-Olympic size lap pool
  • Multi-lane rectangular pool
  • Shower rooms and dressing rooms

   Download Swimming Pool Project flyer

The Miriam College Endowment Fund Campaign

In support of its vision and mission to form women leaders in service, Miriam College aspires to be a Center of Excellence. To achieve this, the school is committed to attracting and developing high-achieving students, highly competent and committed faculty members, administrators and staff, and maintaining state-of-the art facilities and equipment. It seeks to meet these goals by:

  • providing relevant and top-quality academic programs
  • significantly increasing student scholarships
  • attracting and developing faculty and staff through competitive salaries, support for advanced degrees and opportunities for professional growth 
  • and maintaining the necessary facilities, laboratories and libraries that complement and improve the teaching-learning process.

To assist in the accomplishment of these goals, the Miriam College Board of Trustees approved the implementation of a Php 75 million fund raising campaign during the school’s 75th Anniversary in 2001. The funds will be the seed money for a continuous campaign to establish an Endowment Fund for Scholarships and Faculty Development.

Student Scholarships

Miriam College aims to make quality education accessible to all by providing scholarships to deserving and talented students regardless of their socio-economic status. We cannot overemphasize the immense value a good education can bring in improving the lives of underserved young girls and women. Access to an education is access to social and economic mobility. Access to education brings on more opportunities. 

When a young girl or woman is educated, she is empowered to learn, lead and act on her vision of change for herself, her family and her community. You can play a major role in developing the future of our country by helping exceptional young women gain access to a Miriam College education through your support of scholarships.

These scholarships are administered by the academic units, from scholar selection to monitoring and reporting. Scholarships awarded are based on both financial need and academic performance. These are granted on a yearly, semestral, or need basis, depending on the circumstances the students’ families may find themselves in. Hence, no qualified student should feel discouraged about applying to Miriam College for financial reasons.

Faculty Development Grants

The most important factor in student learning is the teacher. No amount of improvement in physical facilities, curricular content, textbooks and instructional materials will bring about desired levels of pupil learning unless teachers possess the required attributes, appropriate attitudes and competence for effective teaching. 

Our faculty must be knowledgeable of the trends and researches in their fields as well as be equipped with the latest teaching methods. They should be able to maximize the educational value of new ideas and technologies and to prepare future generations for life in a globalized and competitive world, a world where one’s moral fibre and values are constantly put to the test.

Hence, more support can ensure that the needed tuition subsidies, thesis or dissertation grants, participation fees for seminars and workshops, or de-loading to complete advanced degrees is in place to enhance the teaching-learning process. 

Empowering a teacher goes above and beyond the support for a single person. Support for a teacher translates to empowering an entire generation.

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The Miriam College Endowment Fund

The nature of an Endowment Fund ensures that the scholarships and faculty grants will continue on in perpetuity. Only ninety percent (90%) of the fund yearly earnings will be used for the scholarships and grants. The remaining ten percent (10%) will be returned to the principal amount so that the fund renews itself and is able to support a student or faculty member over the long term (4 years). 

The funds will be administered by Miriam College Foundation, Inc. through its Finance Division, which is overseen by a Finance Committee of the Miriam College Board of Trustees. These funds are invested conservatively by the school’s Fund Managers.

Ways to Give

Donations may be made on an annual or installment (pledge) basis, through cash, check, credit card  or bank deposit at Miriam College’s Bank of the Philippine Islands, Katipunan Branch Account Number 3081 –1112-42. Please make your check/s payable to Miriam College Foundation, Inc. 

For bank deposit donations, kindly:

  • Fax your deposit slip (with your name on it) with a completed donation form to (632) 435-9234, or
  • Scan and E-mail to or 
  • Mail to the Miriam College External Affairs Office, Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights 1108, Quezon City, Philippines.

Note for Philippine-based Donors

By virtue of Miriam College’s accreditation with the Philippine Council for NGO Certification (PCNC), donations made to Miriam College by corporations and foundations are tax deductible in the Philippines.

Note for US-based Donors

We have entered into a partnership with Ayala Foundation, USA to act as the conduit of donations to Miriam College Foundation, Inc. for our donors who reside outside the Philippines.

Ayala Foundation-USA is duly accredited by the United States Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) organization. Thus, they are authorized to issue the necessary official receipts and acknowledgement letters of donation you will need to attach to your income tax returns.

Contact Information

Miriam College External Affairs Office
Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights 1108 Quezon City Philippines

Telephone: (+63 2) 5805400 to 29
extns. 1108 and 1120

Fax: (+63 2) 4359234


Give Now

A Letter from the President

 YES! I want to help shape the future of a Miriam College scholar and faculty member.

Download Donation Form

Thank your for your support and spirit!  We will be confirming receipt of your gift within the week we receive the accomplished donation form. 

For more information on other opportunities for support, please call the Miriam College External Affairs Office at (+632) 580-5400 to 29 extns. 1108 and 1120 or telefax (+632) 435-9234.


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