K-12 Ready and Basic Education Program Offerings for SY 2016-2017

Miriam College brings to Nuvali the same K-12 readiness enjoyed in its Quezon City campus as it opened in June 2014. This gives students in the area an opportunity to complete the K-12 program if their school does not offer the required level. Apart from being a Department of Education directive, the K-12 program is the global standard in education around the world.


First Step
    Uses an Integrated-Thematic Approach* that focuses on play-based activities to develop:
  • language skills
  • self-help and social skills
  • cognitive and motor skills
  • music, arts, and dramatic skills
2 years and 8 months
Nursery Uses an Integrated Thematic Approach* using activities that focus on the child's growing curiosity to encourage:
  • active exploration
  • collaboration
  • critical and creative thinking
  • school readiness
3 years and 8 months
 Kindergarten  Uses an Integrated Thematic Approach* with emphasis on a wide range of hands-on experiences that promote:
  • greater understanding of how the world works
  • self-confidence
  • independence in both academic and social area
4 years and 8 months

*Integrated Thematic Approach uses common themes simultaneously in different subject areas so students will be able to associate related topics better, resulting in easier understanding

Lower School

Grade 1 to Grade 6

Designed to provide learning opportunities for students so they will be effective communicators, technologically-adept and globally responsive citizens

  • Technology-supported learning
  • a spiritual formation program to live out the Catholic values of the school
  • special Filipino class to cater to foreign students

High School

Grade 7 to Grade 10

Designed to respond to the unique needs of students in the pre-adolescent age group. It enables learners under this age group to move gradually towards independent learning through a developmentally-appropriate mix of hands-on, collaborative and technology-aided experiences.

  • designed to respond to the unique needs of students in the pre-adolescent and adolescent
  • a program for local and international student exchange featuring academic benchmarking, cultural immersion, social outreach, and leadership training
  • a foreign languages program to equip students as they immerse in an increasingly global environment

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