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Miriam College is an equal opportunity employer. Our goal is for all employees - faculty, administrators, and non-academic personnel - grow professionally and personally in the course of their work and thus, be enabled and motivated to offer their best to Miriam College's different publics.

Job Opportunities

Laboratory Assistant

DATE POSTED: August 25, 2016

The Science Department, College of Arts and Sciences seeks a Laboratory Assistant.

The Laboratory Assistant reports directly to the Science Department Chairperson. The duties and responsibilities are as follows:

Job description
  •  Help facilitate all laboratory subjects offered by the science department
  • Maintain Bacterial and Fungal stock cultures and ensure its purity
  • Subculture bacteria, fungi, and virus if needed  for Microbiology subjects 
  • Prepare media, autoclave glasswares, eppendorf tubes, tips and other consumables
  • Maintain the working conditions of equipment in the laboratory (PCR, electrophoresis, Documentation Systems, Microscopes, Incubator spectrophotomer)
  • Assist students particularly those enrolled in Special problems working outside their laboratory period.
  • Maintain the Animal House and feed laboratory mice and rabbits
  • Assist Science department Professors in their respective  Research Projects 
  • Help monitor  the bacteriological analysis of drinking sources of Miriam College 
  • Ensure overall safety in the laboratory

The candidate should have completed a Bachelors degree, preferably BS Biology or BS Microbiology. Candidates who are BS Molecular Biology, BS Nursing, BS Medical Technology, 
and other related courses degree holders and/or has taken Cell and Molecular Biology and General Microbiology subjects (other Advanced Microbiology electives is an advantage) 
may also apply.  Masters degree is an advantage.

Candidate must have basic knowledge in Microbiology (media preparation, aseptic techniques, cell culture etc.) and a background in Molecular biology techniques (PCR, Agarose electrophoresis, SDS-PAGE, Spectrophotometry).  Candidate must have excellent oral and written communication, and interpersonal skills, efficient time management, and proficient in MS Office applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)

Applications should include a current resume and letter of interest.
All applications should be addressed to:
Dr. Noel C. Racho, HR Director  
Miriam College, Quezon City

or via email,
on or before August 31, 2016

College of Arts and Sciences Dean


College of Arts and Sciences Dean

The Dean is the chief academic, administrative, and financial officer of the College and Graduate Programs. As such, the   Dean   leads   the   College by setting priorities, directing academic planning, and working with departments to help them fulfill their academic missions and overall vision of the School.   S/he also  oversees  all personnel matters involving academic and non-academic employees.  The Dean is also the chief advocate for the College in its relationships with the   general  administration and in representing the College to external publics.

The President appoints the Dean upon the recommendation of a search committee and/or other consultative bodies to serve a three-year term, renewable for another term. The Dean reports to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and supervises the Department Chairpersons, the Technical Assistant and the Secretary.

The Dean is expected to:
  1. Develop and articulate the vision and translate this into strategic goals by developing an action plan;
  2.  Evaluate new trends in education and in the industry and their feasibility for application in the undergraduate and/or graduate programs;
  3. Provide academic leadership by reviewing and/or revising existing curriculum, recruiting, evaluating, and retaining well-qualified faculty and staff;
  4. Provide leadership in initiating faculty research, scholarship, and other activities;
  5. Establish linkages with other academic institutions and professional organizations for student exchange, scholarships, and extension programs;
  6. Foster faculty and staff professional growth;
  7. Endorse the hiring of qualified new faculty to the Vice President for Academic Affairs VPAA), upon the recommendation of the Chairperson;
  8. Evaluate faculty and staff and make appropriate recommendations regarding promotion and retention;
  9. Develop, review, and implement academic and administrative policies of the unit;
  10. Chair deliberative bodies at the college level and faculty meetings;
  11. Serve as the representative of the College to the Executive Council and the President’s Council; 
  12. Plan the College budget, allocate resources, and control expenditures from approved budgets; and
  13. Perform other work-related tasks as necessary.


A. Education
  • Ph.D. degree holder
B. Experience
  • At least 5 years of experience in higher education administration and teaching
  • Must have published research in scholarly journals
C. Competencies
  • Catholic
  • Good moral character
  • Leadership, organizational and management skills
  • Extensive research skills
  • Excellent communication (written and oral) and interpersonal skills
  • Broad knowledge and understanding of teaching strategies, curriculum development, evaluation and assessment

Applications should include a current resume’ and letter of interest.
Please submit all applications to:

Noel C. Racho, Ph.D  - Human Resources Director
via email <>
on or before August 30, 2016

Project Engineer

DATE POSTED: 11 July 2016

The Administrative Services Division seeks a Project Engineer on a fixed-term contract engagement.

The Project Engineer reports directly to the Administrative Services Director.  The duties and responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Prepare the detailed scope of work and related construction documents.
    a. Provide a summary of construction schedule for inclusion with the bid documents.
    b. Receive, tabulate, and analyze the submitted bids for deliberation and recommendation. 

  2. Check the plans, construction layout, bids submitted.
    a. Coordinate with the Contractor all concern related to construction.
    b. Provide the Contractor with necessary technical documents needed and other requirements by the law (e.g. building code).

  3. Assist in school project development and attends construction meetings.
    a. Conduct value engineering for the use of the owning unit.
    b. Develop a realistic construction time schedule with the Contractor and the owning unit with the parameters set by the owning unit.
    c. Check the workmanship of the Contractors with the quality set by the owning unit in accordance with the drawings, specifications, and contract documents.
    d. Attend construction meetings, attended by the Contractor, subcontractors, the architect and Owner’s representative to discuss procedures, progress, problems, scheduling and open items.

  4. Deliver the following post construction activities.
    a. Coordinate the preparation of punch lists indicating the items of work remaining to be accomplished, and require that these items are completed in an expeditious manner.
    b. Monitor the deliveries of punch listed items are on time.
    c. Assure that the punch listed items are done and corrected upon the given number of days to the Contractors. 

Candidates should be Licensed Civil Engineer with at least three (3) years relevant experience in the construction field and project management. Candidates must have the ability to work under pressure, are team players, with good communication skills.  

Applications should include a current resume’ and letter of interest.  Please submit all applications to:

Noel C. Racho, Ph.D - Human Resources Director
and submitted to
or via email,
on or before July 30, 2016

Technical Assistant

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Assist in the planning and coordination of internal and external affairs of the Unit/Office Head.
  2. Undertake research work for the Unit/Office head paper, speeches and studies; drafts correspondence, speeches, letters, outlines, etc.
  3. Keep an organized file of documents and reference materials for her external involvements.
  4. Maintain a running record of committee tasks and concerns.
  5. Collate, synthesize, and research information for worksheets and briefing materials used in committee meetings.
  6. Prepare minutes of meetings as directed by the Unit/Office head.
  7. Collate and submits periodic reports of strategic plans, action plans and accomplishment reports of the unit or office.
  8. Coordinate meetings and activities of the Unit/Office head with other organizations.
  9. Assist in preparation of presentations of the Unit/Office head.
  10. Prepare, collate and monitor budget of the unit/office.
The candidate should have extensive experience in research and technical writing, be familiar with the academic system, can perform basic finance and budgeting tasks, and must be proficient in computer applications (Powerpoint, Excel, etc.)  A Master’s Degree in Business or Education related field is an advantage. 

Candidate must have excellent oral and written communication skills, strong organizational and interpersonal skills, efficient  time management skills exceptional follow-up skills. The candidate should exhibit a pleasant disposition,  is resourceful, detail-oriented and a problem-solver, works well with others and can handle complaints effectively.

Applications should include current resume and letter of interest.

Send your applications to:
Addressed to: Noel C. Racho, Ph.D.  |  Human Resources Director

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Contact Information

Human Resources Division
MMJ Hall, College Building
Miriam College
Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights
Quezon City 1102 Philippines

(+632) 5805400-29 extn. 1135

Applications should include current resume and letter of interest.

Send your applications to

Addressed to
Noel C. Racho, Ph.D.
Human Resources Director