From the Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Support Services

  1. Incurring an INC grade disqualifies you from graduating this semester. The deadline for the faculty to submit the grades of graduating students is April 27, 2016. Make sure that you have fulfilled/submitted all the class requirements in all your subjects before this deadline so you will not get an INC grade. The Executive Council does not want to delay the deliberation, approval and release of the final list of graduating students due to the presence of INC grades in your academic record.

  2. A CQPA of 2.40 or above is a requirement to graduate and obtain a Miriam College diploma. Thus, even if you have passed all the subjects in your curriculum but your final CQPA is below 2.40, the school will not confer you the degree and give you the diploma. The Registrar’s Office can give you your Transcript of Records (TOR) but it will only say that you finished a particular course rather than you graduated with a particular degree.

  3. Those who incurred an INC grade last semester in a THESIS subject should enroll in THESIS DIRECTION this semester. The fee will go to your thesis adviser because he/she will continue to work with you this semester to complete your thesis. You may ask your adviser with regard to enrolling in thesis direction.

  4. To those who have not yet submitted their application for graduation, you are given until Feb. 1, 2016 (Monday) to submit your application. This application is a requirement for graduation. Beyond the abovementioned date, no application for graduation will be entertained by the Registrar’s Office. 

For inquiries, contact Dr. Francis Evangelista (580-5400 local 2201) or Mr. Joe Maribbay (580-5400 local 2020).