Registered Counselor and family life specialist Michelle S. Alignay,  addressed Lower School (LS) parents at a learning session entitled Growing Up Wired: Raising Kids in the Digital Age at the LMC Viewing Rooms 2 and 3 last Saturday, October 21, 2014.

This activity was organized by Marilet D. Anastacio, LS Guidance Supervisor, and Kristine Marie S. Lesaca-Saludez, LS Asst. Principal for Student Affairs, to help parents understand how digital technology has affected young users’ learning and behavior.

The school recognizes the vital role that parents play in helping address problems that arise due to early overexposure to digital technology such as lack of focus, difficulty in fitting in a new environment and handling real-life tasks, cyberbullying and misuse of internet sites.

At the end of the session, participants accomplished a survey form to contribute to a study which aims to generate a profile of MCLS students’ digital technology use.