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Pax Christi HEU leads annual Lugawan Para Sa Mindanao

To show their love on Valentine's day, Pax Christi of the Higher Education Unit, the Year Councils and the Sanggunian ng mga Mag-aaral ng Miriam organized the Lugawan Para Sa Mindanao as part of the institution's celebration of the Mindanao Month of Peace.

The Lugawan aimed to raise students' awareness of peace and conflict issues that confront Mindanao. It also aimed to raise funds to support the Twinning Project between MC and Rajah Muda National High School in Pikit, Cotabato and other Mindanao related causes.

Pax Christi-MCHS, SilPeace join youth peacebuilding session

Last February 15, Pax Christi-MCHS members together with members of SilPeace, the interfaith youth organization of Silsilah from Quiapo, participated in a meaningful interaction session to learn about youth peacebuilding and how our different religious beliefs can bring us together. The student members of SilPeace are from Ramon Avencena High School and Manuel L. Quezon University High School. 
The participants discussed practical and realistic solutions to issues such as the growing threat of terrorism, religious intolerance, and discrimination. These solutions include the promotion of dialogue through people to people process especially among young people, and the role of education to address misconceptions. 
The session became an eye opener to many of the participants and served as the beginning of more committed work towards a world free from hate and religious intolerance. It was facilitated by Mary Ann Lascano, moderator of MC-HS Pax Christi, Alfrein Quirionez from SilPeace and Mirma Tica-Ortiz, moderator of the Pax Christi-Miriam College.

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Twinning Project Workshop marks MC’s UN World Interfaith Harmony Week celebration

Selected students from the twin schools Miriam College High School and Middle School and the Rajah Muda National High School (RMNHS), marked the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week with a Youth Peacebuilding Workshop on campus last February 6-7, 2014.
The workshop opened with a public forum on the theme, “Celebrating Life with Mercy and Compassion”, attended by some 200 students from the Middle School, High School, and the HEU. 
The RMNHS students, who have travelled from Pikit, North Cotabato, also had teambuilding activities and a wider interaction with High School students as well as a mini-workshop on Muslim-Christian dialogue. The two groups of students also shared their past peace-related activities and their plans for the coming months. 
The CPE is grateful to the committee that helped organize the various activities. They are Mao Rovillos, Mean Lascano, Ann Gabuat, Ato de la Cruz, and Pax Christi with Mirma Tica as moderator.

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CPE: Waging peace in the country and beyond

The Center for Peace Education (CPE), WE Act 1325, Pax Christi-Pilipinas and the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP) co-organized a peace forum titled “Luv Peace, Luv Diversity: Supporting the Peace Process and Embracing Diversity as Pathways to Peace” on December 9, 2016.
It was held at St. Therese Educational Foundation of Tacloban Inc where approximately 500 students, teachers, and administrators from various Catholic schools in Samar and Leyte attended the forum. Speakers counted Bro. Ariel Manga, OFM, CEAP Region 8 Trustee, Dr. Jasmin Nario-Galace of the CPE, Mary Ann Cruz of CEAP National, and Rohaniza Sumndad-Usman of Teach Peace, Build Peace Movement. They emphasized that peace processes, if successful, can potentially end wars; hence the need to support them. They also reinforced the importance of the recognition of and respect for diversity as pathways to the building of a culture of peace. 
On December 17, 2016 CPE, through Dr. Jasmin Nario-Galace, was a resource person at a Peace Education workshop at Sagaing University in Myanmar. The workshop, attended by about 800 would-be teachers, aimed to teach participant nonviolent ways of dealing with conflict as well as infraction of school rules. It also introduced the concepts, skills and values integral to educating for peace as well as the peaceable teaching-learning process to students. Participants gave excellent feedback of their experience. 
The workshop was organized by Kalyana Mitta Foundation (KMF), a Myanmar NGO that supports the youth to create sustainable futures, grounded in a socially engaged Buddhist perspective. KMF is working all over Myanmar in the fields of rural development, peace awareness, interfaith, and environment.
On December 20, CPE through Dr. Galace, gave the keynote address at the launch of the Schools and Communities of Peace Heroes Formation Program (SCPHFP). Participants were 45 public school teachers from Mamasapano, Maguindanao; Maharlika, Taguig; and Porac, Pampanga which are pilot schools of the SCPHFP. The program’s goal is to form teachers of peace in the grassroots who will help create peaceful learning environments that respect cultural, religious, ethnic and socio-economic diversities. The program is under the tutelage of the Teach Peace, Build Peace Movement. 
CPE, one of Miriam College’s advocacy centers, has been, for years working to broaden the support for peace in the country and beyond.

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Students say their piece for peace by Maricar Brizuela | Philippine Daily Inquirer

STUDENTS lit candles for peace on Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City, as they urge President Duterte to stop extrajudicial killings. GRIG C. MONTEGRANDE

Students from various schools in Metro Manila plan to send a statement to President Duterte and other government officials calling for a stop to extrajudicial killings.
Around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, around 500 students from Miriam College, Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU) and the University of the Philippines held a candlelight vigil on Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City, to protest the recent wave of drug-related killings sweeping the country.
The students occupied a portion of the sidewalk from AdMU to Miriam College where they lit candles to remember the lives lost in the government’s war on drugs.

Jasmin Galace, executive director of Miriam College’s Center for Peace Education, told the Inquirer that they decided to hold the activity to coincide with the celebration of the International Day of Peace.

“We will say our piece, we will speak up for peace,” Galace added.

Aside from the activity on Wednesday, she also said that Miriam College and other schools were planning to send a statement on extrajudicial killings along with thousands of signatures to Mr. Duterte.

“We want to say that there are other methodologies to fight drugs,” Galace said, adding that while they support the crusade against the drug menace, it was still important to value life.

According to her, Miriam College wanted to emphasize that its school grounds “is a zone of peace” where every human life is valued.

“We believe that political, economic and food security are also important, not just security from external threats,” Galace said.

“Maybe the government just does not have the time to sit down, process and reflect on the other methods they can use to fight illegal drugs,” she added.

SOURCE: Philippine Daily Inquirer >

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MC celebrates Int’l Day of Peace

Pax Christi-Miriam College of the Higher Education Unit, in cooperation with the Sanggunian ng Mag-aaral ng Kolehiyo ng Miriam, International Studies Society, Senior Council, University for Peace of Costa Rica, and the Center for Peace Education, organized the week-long celebration of the International Day of Peace entitled, “Partnerships for Peace-Dignity for All”, held from the 21st to the 24th of September. The activities throughout the week aimed to encourage the Miriam College community to live out our core value of peace.

Some highlights from the event included the “Lines for Peace” where students including faculty members and our administrators wrote their own peace messages inspired by stories from peace icons such as Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, and Aung San Suu Kyi, exhibited in Our Lady’s Court, the official venue of the Peace-Tahan. Students also shared their thoughts about the importance of women in peacebuilding through peace statements that were shared as photos via social media websites. Other highlights included the Peace Jam session led by the Teach Peace Build Peace Movement that featured young peace musicians; the Book-Ukay and the “Peaceballs” fundraising activity. People really lined up for their freshly cooked fish balls and it was a great success! Funds collected from the activities will help Pax Christi-Miriam College with their initiatives for the rest of the school year.

To close the celebration over 10 student organizations, teachers and staff members of the MC community participated in the Kites for Peace, an activity dedicated to all the children we have lost because of armed conflicts and wars. The kites symbolize hope for the future and the greater peace of the entire global community.

MC remembers Hiroshima and Nagasaki

The Miriam College community remembered the 70th anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing through an exhibit titled “ No More Hiroshimas and Nagasakis: Ban Nuclear Weapons!” held last August 12.  The exhibit was part of a world-wide campaign to abolish nuclear weapons.

Posters from the Hiroshima Peace Museum were installed and embellished with art works and peace cranes created by Pax Christi-Miriam College High School (MCHS).

In her speech at the opening of the exhibit, Dr. Loreta Castro, program director of the CPE, condemned the use of nuclear weapons, saying that it is inhuman and immoral. “These weapons are indiscriminate and cause horrific death and suffering even after the time of war,” she said.

The exhibit aimed to raise the awareness about the destruction brought upon by the use of nuclear weapons and to encourage the community to take a stand against its use and production.

A petition sign-up sheet was also made available to encourage participation in the campaign.

Attendees of the exhibit included students from the Grade 11 class of Jeff Zulueta, Mao Rovillos and Me-Ann Lascano; First Year students of Dr. Gail Galang-Reyes; and International Studies students of Atty. Christine Lao, Dr. Loreta Castro, and Dr. Jasmin Nario-Galace.

The event was organized by the Center for Peace Education in collaboration with Pax Christi-Miriam College, Pax Christi-MCHS, and the Sangunian ng mga Mag-aaral ng Miriam.

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IHL forum tackles rules of war

To commemorate  International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Day, the Center for Peace Education and Pax Christi-Miriam College organized a forum entitled “Know the Rules of War: A Forum on the International Humanitarian Law”, with guest speaker Atty. Monalisa Barro from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Over 100 students from the International Studies Department attended the forum, which served as a venue for the students to learn the basics of IHL and how it should be implemented in times of war and armed conflict.

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Pax Christi organizes Ukay-Ukay sale

The officers of Pax Christi-Miriam College organized an Ukay-Ukay for Peace last July 20 to raise funds for the organization’s peace-related projects for this year. A portion of the funds will also be used to help support scholars from Miriam College’s partner school Raja Muda High School in Pikit, North Cotabato.

Pax Christi officers solicited goods from members of the Miriam College (MC) community, their family members, and friends. Flyers were also handed out around Katipunan Avenue to encourage people to visit.

Aside from the objectives of raising funds for the scholarship and projects of the organization, the officers also used the event to highlight the importance of unity within the MC community regardless of one’s religion and social status and give emphasis to the values of compassion and generosity, which are at the core of building a culture of peace. In line with this objective, they made it a point to invite people from nearby communities.

Through the Ukay-Ukay project, Pax Christi Miriam College was able to raise Php 12,122.00 for the scholarship and for the organization’s activities. The event could not have been possible without the strong support of the MC community. Indeed, your pieces of ukay-ukay contributed greatly to our pieces of peace. Thank you all very much for your support to peace! By Pax Christi Officers SY 2015-2016

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CPE goes ‘All Out’ for peace

Civil society groups, including the Center for Peace Education (CPE) of Miriam College and WE Act 1325, gathered to commemorate the National Day Towards Healing for Justice, Unity and Peace last March 6, 2015. The event, which is also part of the All Out Peace campaign, marked the 40th day of the Mamasapano incident as well.

A series of activities was held throughout the day at the Quezon City Circle, leading to the culminating peace caravan at the EDSA People Power Monument.

Morning activities opened with a Peace Fair. Booths were set up holding activities that promote healing and unity, as well the pursuit of the peace process.

International Studies students from Miriam College took part in WEAct 1325 booth activities that provided a space for dialogue on the Mamasapano incident. A photo booth displayed messages supporting the peace process was also put up.

CPE Executive Director Dr. Jasmin Nario-Galace, in her message during the event, said that the quest for peace should not be abandoned and that the Mamasapano incident can be used as an opportunity for change and unity, and for the framing of a legislation that will end the war and poverty in Mindanao.

Other prominent personalities showed their support for the event. Among them were former Vice President Teofisto Guingona Jr., Charito Planas and Santanina Rasul. To symbolize solidarity, students, peace advocates, and members of the police and armed forces exchanged whites flowers to symbolize unity and peace.

Capping the morning activities were messages from MC students Jessa Rasul and Danica Gonzalez who expressed support for the pursuance of peace in the country, linking this with the school’s core values of peace, truth, justice and integrity of creation. They also stressed on the importance of the youth’s involvement in peace issues.

CPE continues to be part of the All Out Peace campaign to promote a culture of peace within the college community and the larger society.

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