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What is your favorite MC moment?
What is your favorite MC moment?
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CSC honors Lolo and Lola

The Miriam College–Child Study Center celebrated Grandparents’ Day last September 24, 2016. The unit opened its gates to welcome students and their eager grandparents for a day of fun and bonding.

Hands and minds got busy with the craft stations set up.  Grandparents and grandkids enjoyed mini t-shirt decorating, bracelet making, chime making, and sand art. They sang and danced to their heart’s content at the Videoke and Zumba areas while games such as Ring Toss and Hit The Can made lolo and lola kids all over again.

Healthway was also around to give free checkups and goodie bags to both the children and their grandparents. It was truly a fun, memorable day spent honoring the students’ dear grandparents.

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MC delegates attend Early Childhood Leadership Summit in Singapore

Miriam College sent a delegation composed of six middle managers and administrators to the 2nd Early Childhood Leadership Summit at the United World College of South East Asia, Singapore last July 11 to 13, 2016. The theme of the summit was “Crafting the Educational Landscape for the Inquisitive Mind.”

The delegates were Margaret Joy Clavecilla, Cherry Grace Torres, and Marie Rose Yuzon from CSC; Karen Francisco from the Lower School; and Christine Joy Corsiga and Benjamin Santiago from the MC-NUVALI campus.

The three-day training, sponsored by Rethasia International, was facilitated by four distinguished educators who shared their expertise in the different areas of education. 

Ellen Booth Church, an Early Childhood Professor at Nova Southeastern University, Florida USA highlighted the importance of science and art in the classroom. 

Sallee Beneke, Associate Professor of early childhood education at St. Ambrose University in Iowa provided an in-depth exploration of the key events in the life of a project. She explained that the Project Approach allows teachers to plan a curriculum that takes advantage of these qualities to provide effective inquiry-based learning experiences. 

Dr. Chip Donohue, dean of Distance Learning and Continuing Education and director of the TEC Center at Erikson Institute in Chicago, on the other hand, challenged participants to learn how their digital media literacy contribute to successful technology integration. 

Finally, Galina Dolya, an acknowledged world-leading expert on the practical application of Vygotsky’s Theory of Learning and Development, introduced the Story Grammar program and Construction using unit blocks.

Through the three-day summit, the MC delegates were reminded that learning is a life-long process and that there are many ways in which educators can prepare children to be innovators in an expanding global community.

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CSC play teaches love and respect for environment

The Miriam College Child Study Center (MC-CSC) successfully staged its much-awaited annual musical play last March 9-11. Titled Haku, this year’s play focused on love for the environment and highlighted values such as cooperation and respect. Haku referred to the little people living in a village called Mayumi. A total of 461 pupils from First Step, Nursery, and Kindergarten gamely played the role of a Haku, each dressed in imaginative and colorful costumes. 

“Our preparations started as early as May of last year when we convened for scriptwriting workshops, and the children practiced from late January to early March. Everything from the script, songs, set designs, costumes, and choreography were creative masterpieces of the CSC teachers,” said Kindergarten teacher Jian Miranda. 

He added: “There was just so much joy and energy during the practices that the play took a life of its own. It was not just a play --it was a celebration of our community.”

Since 1982, the MC-CSC has staged an original, full-length Children’s musical play as a culminating activity for the school year. This is done in lieu of graduation rites, giving its students a unique avenue in which to appreciate the lessons and values learned throughout the school year.

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To Infinity and Beyond: CSC pupils take a closer look at our universe

The STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) experience was on full blast last October 22-23 at the Child Study Center.  The first day was filled with fun as kindergarteners learned about gravity. Various experiments showed them that different balloon rockets can fly up, up and away, and, that it’s possible to turn a water-filled glass upside-down without spilling a single drop! 

The students also learned about space travel and designed their very own astronaut helmets that they gleefully wore and brought home.

On the second day, the kindergarteners were treated to an even more immersive experience about the universe provided by SkyMobile First Digital Mobile Planetarium Incorporated. The students learned about the different planets in our solar system through a 3-D exhibit, watched educational videos about astronauts living in space, and as a highlight, entered a planetarium which showed the different constellations and various heavenly bodies that light up the night sky, up close.

Upon leaving the planetarium, a student raised her hands and shouted, “this is so much fun!” followed by another student buzzing through the hallways shouting, “To infinity and beyond!” proving that the special STEAM activity was a great success. By Teacher Jian

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First Step caps semester with ‘Celebrating Me!’ activity

First Step students celebrated their achievements for the past semester through a talent show at the Angel Uriel Hall last October 22. A video, which highlights the students’ big and small achievements in school, was shown to the parents. Each First Step class confidently sang and danced to joyful songs for the first time on stage in front of their families and teachers. After the talent show, the students joined their parents for an art activity and salu-salo at the outdoor gym.

It was truly another successful event for the Child Study Center, another opportunity for the FS children to make their parents proud, and for the parents to witness how their children have grown throughout the semester.

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CSC PTA conduct medical-dental mission

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of the Child Study Center continued its annual tradition of bringing medical-dental services to partner communities. Last October 17, 2015 , despite the gloomy weather due to Typhoon Lando, the Medical-Dental Mission still pushed through at the CSC Grounds. Approximately 500 beneficiaries received free medical and dental check-ups during the event. In partnership with the Miriam Identity, Spirituality, and Mission Office (MISMO), Daan-Tubo and Marytown of Brgy. Loyola Heights were identified as beneficiaries.  They also reached out to the outsourced personnel of Miriam College as another group of recipients.

With more than two months of preparation, the Medical-Dental Mission was made possible through the support of donors. The committee received a more than Php 300,000 from external sponsors and CSC Parents and in-kind donation worth Php 87,000. Several Pharmaceutical companies also donated boxes of assorted medicines and multi-vitamins, which were made available to the patients through our set-up Pharmacy. This year’s Medical-Dental Mission even took a leap, with a Mobile Clinic that offered both X-Ray and ECG Services. 

The event was graced by approximately 150 volunteers. Doctors, dentists, nurses, clinicians, radiologists, technicians, teachers, janitors, jobbers, and parents, shared their time and effort to help run this half-day outreach program. 

The day concluded with high spirits and smiles on everyone’s faces as this heartwarming event created an avenue to touch the lives and share blessings to others.

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CSC celebrates Grandparents’ Day 2015

The students of the Child Study Center spent a meaningful Saturday honoring their grandparents on Grandparent’s Day last September 19 at the CSC grounds.

The whole morning was filled with fun activities such as bag and cupcake decorating, bracelet making, film viewing, woodcraft art and picture frame making, ballroom dancing, singing, and playing Bingo and relay games.

There were clinics stationed at the Play House that offered free medical check-up for the grandparents. A message board was also posted on the wall where everyone could write their greetings and love messages.

It was a memorable morning of fun that gave the kids an opportunity to show their love and gratitude for their beloved lolos and lolas.

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CSC PTA’s first Saturdate, Playdate highlights caring for the environment

The Miriam College Child Study Center Parent-Teacher Association (CSC PTA) Lecture Series Committee and the Center for Child and Family Development (CCFD) conducted a successful and well-attended Parent-Child Interactive Play Workshop titled, “Saturdate, Playdate: a Morning of Playful Parenting” at the Angel Uriel Hall in CSC. The activity was held last September 12, 2015.

The goal of the activity was for families to come up with a project that children can play with using recyclable materials.  This activity hopes to emphasize on the values of simplicity, care for the environment, and quality bonding among families. The first Saturdate, Playdate activity is the result of the combined efforts of the parents, teachers, and staff of Miriam CSC.

More than 150 families attended the event filling the halls of CSC with busy, energetic, and creative minds and hands.  Some even stayed longer and gamely worked on more projects.  It was indeed a fun-filled and memorable bonding experience for the family that imparted a lesson on caring for the environment.

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CSC teachers prepare for iPad use in classrooms

The CSC teachers attended a two-day training on the use of iPads in the classroom last August 20 and 22. This was in preparation for the digital learning classes for Kindergarten students this school year.

The teachers were taught different Apple applications that can be used in their classes.  Keynote, ibooksAuthor, iMovie and Garage Band were just a few of the applications that were explored during the training.  For their workshop, they were asked to come up with different instructional materials (digital presentations and activities) using the said Apple applications and modules.

The training also aims to help teachers simplify modules that will be developed to teach the children how to create their own simple digital presentations like books and movies.

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CSC conducts unit-wide First Aid Workshop and Skills Training

The Miriam College Child Study Center (CSC) administrators, faculty, and staff attended the First Aid Workshop and Skills Training last August 8, 2015. It was facilitated by certified volunteers from Rescue 177.  This is the first time that the Child Study Center opened this type of workshop/training to s personnel. 
The whole-day training covered lectures and demonstrations on how to respond to different emergency situations. Topics included basic bandaging, basic one- and two-man lifts, as well as Cardio Pulmonary resuscitation.

The activity was capped by a simulation of a Magnitude 7 Earthquake to give the CSC community idea of the possible dangers and emergency situations such natural disaster may bring.

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