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YouTuber, influencer Michelle Poler inspires students to face their fears

Miriam College opened 2018 with a talk like no other, featuring YouTuber, Fear Facer, and influencer Michelle Poler.

Known for her project 100 Days Without Fear and for the social movement Hello Fears, Poler gave a talk before 400 girls composed of middle school, high school, and higher education students from Miriam College and other partner schools to teach and inspire them how to face their fears and realize their full potential.

“Miriam College believes that Michelle Poler has a unique and beautiful story to tell that will surely resonate with our students, especially girls.  Not only is she young, but her energy is also infectious and we know that our students will listen well to what she has to say, and hopefully in the process be inspired to face their own fears — especially those relating to their peers, studies, and the future,” said Dr. Rosario O. Lapus, Miriam College President.


Titled Girls Be Brave! Poler taps into her personal experiences as a young girl who feared so many things growing up in Caracas, Venezuela, but had to deal with it as a student starting a Master's Degree in Branding at the School of Visual Arts in New York.  She shared how she overcame her own fears to live her life to the fullest.

Poler became popular on YouTube when she began her #100DaysWithoutFear school project wherein she had to face one fear a day for 100 days. She filmed herself on each challenge and posted them daily on her YouTube channel. She braved different kinds of fears from holding a tarantula and skydiving to posing nude for a drawing class and helping people in need.

“You tube can be extremely intimidating but it can also be a very powerful tool that can help you inspire or  teach something to someone from one end of the world to the other, thanks to YouTube that my project resonated with millions. On day 40, I wake up and realize that every website I follow is sharing my story –not only website including celebrities,” she said during her talk.

Her YouTube posts caught up with celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Zooey Deschanel, Sofia Vergara and Lil Wayne who shared her story through their accounts. In a matter of days, Poler had over 4.5 million views in her YouTube channel.

Since then she has been invited to TedX, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Microsoft, and to schools and universities within and outside of the US, teaching audiences how to tap into their full potential in both their personal lives and their careers.


President’s Challenge winners announced, 2nd batch presents new proposals

The winners of the first batch of President’s Challenge were announced last December 1 at the Henry Sy, Sr. Innovation Center (HSSIC). The winning projects are the Crowd Management System of the Grade 9 students (mixed section); DefendHer, a campaign promoting self-defense for women by students from the College of Arts and Sciences, and Palungki, a lounge design by students from the College of Education.

Personally congratulating the winners was special guest and Board of Trustees member Carmencita T. Abella.

The winning groups will be given a seed funding to implement their project. They may also use any laboratory or tools available at the HSSIC. All winning groups are required to set-up their exhibits on March 2018 at the HSSIC.

A total of 12 groups from the High School and the three colleges—College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business, Entrepreneurship and Accountancy, and College of  Education—made their pitches before four judges last September. The judges were composed of Dr. Lapus, Rex Bookstore Inc. Chief Operating Officer Don Buhain, Emerson Patent Manager Marlon Cabral, and MC Marketing and Communications Manager Romualdo Romualdo.

On the same day, the second batch of participants from the Child Study Center, Lower School, Middle School, MC NUVALI, MC-Southeast Asian Institute for the Deaf, and Miriam Adult Education units presented their big, bold ideas before a panel of judges. Joining Dr. Lapus and Romualdo in the panel were Felta Marketing Officer Jed Abiva-Sazon, Emerson Technologies’ Jo-A Lozano, C&E Publishing CEO Emyl Eugenio.

Among the ideas pitched by the second batch were a playground design for a community using recycled materials by the CSC, a system to instill discipline among students during dismissal time from the LS, a new classroom table design to encourage learning and participation from the MS, a garbage collection mechanism to block and collect waste from waterways by SAID, and the use of Tubang Bakod plant to control water pollution from MAE.

The winners for the second batch will be announced before the Christmas break.

Robots, 3D figurines, and Lego bricks: Miriam College’s ‘makerspace’ makes learning fun again by Tricia Aquino | Interaksyon

You can sculpt a Pokemon figurine using a 3D pen, which oozes plastic as you press a button and draw arcs in the air.

You can make a robot move forward and backward with basic software programming.

And you can don a ketchup bottle costume while observing your classmates create art out of the frying pans, plates, and glasses you provided them.

At the Miriam College Henry Sy, Sr. Innovation Center, students find excitement in learning, using their hands to make things – a new ice cream flavor, a video, a dress.

On September 7, Wednesday, school officials, industry partners, students, and alumni came together for the launch of what they dubbed the “makerspace”—a 1,412-square meter lot featuring eight spaces in Miriam College, Quezon City.

The center is donated by the Henry Sy Foundation through SM Hotels and Convention Corporation president and Maryknoll/Miriam College Alumni (Batch 74) Elizabeth Sy and designed by famous architect Ed Calma. Other partners of the school who helped in providing equipment for the laboratories are Emerson Electric (Asia) Ltd., Power Mac Center, ROHQ, Felta Multi-Media Inc., C&E Publishing Inc., Center for Culinary Arts Manila, British Council, Bato Balani Foundation, Inc., and Bangkok University.

The launching ceremony marks the institution’s 90th anniversary.

“Within these walls we go beyond the old lesson plans, outdated curricula, CHED and DepEd rules; abandon traditional roles; and leave our comfort zones to use new forms of teaching and learning,” said school president Rosario Lapus.

“I dream that this is where we will nurture young inventors, problem solvers, engineers, entrepreneurs, and scientists—a young Marie Curie, a Dado Banatao, a Lindy Locsin, a Fe del Mundo, perhaps another Henry Sy—encouraging them to take the first steps towards discovery and to see for themselves what works,” she added.

Students from nursery to graduate school can use this space, as can professionals, parents, and even the elderly.

The goal is to enable students to DREAM, tinkering in laboratories for Design, Robotics, Engineering and Entrepreneurship, Arts, and Mathematics.

At Fab lab, they can do prototyping using OmniFab 3D printers, scanners, pens, and modeling software, as well as Brother electric sewing machines.

Students can learn gastronomic science and envision their own restaurant at the CCA (Center for Culinary Arts-Manila) Makers’ Café. Miriam College director for innovation development Edizon Fermin envisions a place where students can immerse themselves in food-oriented lifestyles that are sustainable. They learn not to waste food, as well as to grow the things they eat – including endemic herbs and spices.

At Play Loft, students can find Eureka moments through “playful ideation”. They can then go to the other laboratories to convert their ideas into practice.

They can then pitch these to business leaders at the Innovatrium, which hosts workshops, conferences, and trainings.

In the Multimedia Lab, they can learn graphic design, web design, and audio and visual engineering on Apple computers provided by PowerMac Philippines.

“The world suddenly has been digitized. The smaller it gets and the better its translated into other forms, whether it’s in art, or in science, or in video format, or in 3D animation,” Fermin said.

They can master measurement and do experiments with weighing scales, compressors, and infrared thermometers provided by Emerson at Instrulab.

“Give them the venue in schools to learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and enjoy STEM. We are basically promoting STEM to all kids to develop future engineers and scientists—including girls,” said Emerson project manager Villacer Ceredon.

In the E-L@b, students as young as nine years old learn to create robots with Lego building blocks and software programming.

“The real language of this generation is their ability to move in the digital space, and how they are applied to various disciplines,” Fermin said. He noted that students will learn basic engineering principles of robotics and computing sciences here.

And in the Performance Lab, students learn that art is not just for the “upper” echelons of society.

“No, it’s for everyone. We want to introduce the art of everyday things, and how it blends into the consciousness of the people,” Fermin explained.

He believes that the new makerspace will allow Miriam College to “continue to trailblaze as an institution.”

“We cannot be teaching the students the same stuff over and over again,” he added.

Fermin explained that there had long been making activities in the school, but these were just scaled through the innovation center.

“Don’t think of it as something that has a certain period of time. Let’s think of it as, there is a curriculum, and there are some aspects of this curriculum that can be done better in upgraded spaces more than the traditional science laboratories. This is where that will be done,” he said.

There will also be programs to bridge public and private schools so students can share knowledge.

“Because it is not true that public schools cannot do this. There are many brilliant students in public schools. You just need to give them the appropriate space or appropriate environment, have them listen to their fellow students who have good ideas, and when they come together, we have no distinction between who is from public, who is from private,” Fermin said.

He also stresses the importance of the “S” after”DREAM”, which stands for “social responsibility”.

“The solutions that you create here must have an impact on society. Because you don’t just generate money for the sake of getting rich. Well yes, that’s also good, but you have to make use of your giftedness for a noble purpose. That is the mission of Miriam College,” he said.

SOURCE: Interaksyon >

Miriam College, C & E Publishing ink partnership to train educators in e-learning

Miriam College and C & E Publishing, Inc. signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) to provide teachers, school administrators, and school owners with professional training and official graduate studies certification on e-learning. The signing was held last May 3 at the C & E Information and Resource Center in South Triangle, Quezon City.

The MoA detailed the joint effort of the two institutions in launching the Integrating Technology in Education to Advance Change (iTEACh) Program, a five-day graduate certificate course equivalent to three academic units.

The program aims to provide teachers, school administrators, curriculum designers, information and communication specialists, librarians, and media services staff with an understanding of digital and mobile learning as new platforms that support 21st century education.  iTEACh will include lectures on principles and practices vital to technology integration in education, as well as various teacher-led, hands-on workshops.

“Because everything is mobile it is important to be open to new ideas and help empower our teachers because they are the key to e-learning. Miriam College and C&E are committed partners in helping educators move forward in this field,” said Dr. Lapus during the signing.

For her part, Gomez said that school owners are concerned not just on the e-learning infrastructure and products in the market “but rather in the readiness of teachers to adapt to new learning methods.”

Dr. Rosario O. Lapus, president of Miriam College; Dr. Rosario Aligada, dean of the College of Education; Candida Gomez, president and chief executive officer of C & E Publishing, Inc.; and John Emyl Eugenio, chief operating officer of C & E Publishing, Inc. signed the MoA.

Also present during the signing were Dr. Edizon Fermin, Basic education unit director and High School principal of Miriam College, and Marion Jude Gorospe, coordinator of the Summer Institute on Technology in Education Project of Miriam College.

Miriam College was recently declared as a Center for Excellence in Teacher Education by the Commission on Higher Education for its trailblazing work in various areas of child development and education. It is the only higher education institution in the Philippines that offers a major in e-learning in its masteral program in education.

C & E Publishing, Inc. is a dynamic academic publisher dedicated to becoming the leading developer, publisher, and provider of globally competitive, cost-effective textbooks, references, and other educational resources and solutions for the academic and professional markets. The company is actively involved in promoting 21st century learning by conducting seminars, workshops, and other types of professional trainings for educators.

In top photo are (from left) Eugenio, Gomez, Dr. Lapus; and Dr. Aligada together with Miriam College administrators and executives  of C & E publishing.

To Infinity and Beyond: CSC pupils take a closer look at our universe

The STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) experience was on full blast last October 22-23 at the Child Study Center.  The first day was filled with fun as kindergarteners learned about gravity. Various experiments showed them that different balloon rockets can fly up, up and away, and, that it’s possible to turn a water-filled glass upside-down without spilling a single drop! 

The students also learned about space travel and designed their very own astronaut helmets that they gleefully wore and brought home.

On the second day, the kindergarteners were treated to an even more immersive experience about the universe provided by SkyMobile First Digital Mobile Planetarium Incorporated. The students learned about the different planets in our solar system through a 3-D exhibit, watched educational videos about astronauts living in space, and as a highlight, entered a planetarium which showed the different constellations and various heavenly bodies that light up the night sky, up close.

Upon leaving the planetarium, a student raised her hands and shouted, “this is so much fun!” followed by another student buzzing through the hallways shouting, “To infinity and beyond!” proving that the special STEAM activity was a great success. By Teacher Jian

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