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MCMS celebrates National Arts Month with a Feast

The Middle School kicked off their celebration of the National Arts Month through an exhibit at the Our lady of Peace Lobby last February 1, 2017. The Dance Club creatively led the unveiling with a dance interpretation. Carrying the theme “Art Feast”, the event showcased not only the students’ art work but also several dishes guised as art activities.

Long buffet tables laid were laid out in the Calachuchi Garden where students held their Entrep Art from February 1 to 2.  Grade 8 students, with the able guidance of their HELE teachers, experienced how it is to be entrepreneurs as they sold maki and decorative cupcakes.  The Cartoonists club, with the help of their club moderators, offered printing services, while Tiny Path sold art supplies. The students experienced what it’s like to be entrepreneurs first hand as they prepared, marketed, and sold their products.  They also learned simple accounting, doing the inventory and computation of their profits or losses.  The activity taught them how to run a business and at the same time how to use art could be used to attract more clients.

Another activity featured was the interaction between the MCMS students and the MC HEU Applied Arts students last February 2, 2017. College students from the Department of Humanities and Applied Arts taught MS students basic drawing techniques, calligraphy, animation, and photography.

Several contests such as the PICS Perfect Photography contest for Grade 6 (February 16), On-the-Spot Art for the Grade 7 (February 17) and the Eight Asian Treasures (February 28) were also held, capping the MS National Arts Month celebration.

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MCHS Glee Club, CCDC concert features classic, well-loved OPMs

The MCHS Glee Club together with the Cultural and Classical Dance Club (CCDC) held their 12th joint concert dubbed “Sa ‘Tin” last February 3 and 4 at the Marian Auditorium.

The two day concert was held for the MC and high school community and for the family and friends of the performers.  At the helm is BEU Admissions Officer and MCHS Glee Glub conductor Nancy Roman.

The MCHS and CCDC sang and danced to Filipino classics and well-loved OPM songs to the delight of the audiences.  “We featured an all-OPM repertoire so we thought that “Sa ‘Tin” short for Sa Atin or Sariling Atin would be fitting. The concert also coincided with the celebration National Arts Month,” said Roman.

Among the songs featured were a medley of Saranggola ni Pepe, Mamang Sorbetero and Kalesa; medley of Galawgaw, Waray-WarayDalagang Pilipina and Manang Biday‘Til I Met YouKapag Tumibok ang PusoIkaw LamangForever More; and Paalam Na.

The CCDC and MCHS Glee Club have mounted several concerts since 2003 and “we have not stopped collaborating since then,” said Roman.

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Pinky Puno conquers Blackpool at age 67 by Marge C. Enriquez | Philippine Daily Inquirer

Her spirit is willing, and her flesh is not weak. At age 67, dancer Michaela “Pinky” Puno is unstoppable.

This year, she competed in the Blackpool Dance Festival, dubbed the Olympics of ballroom dance competitions in England.

“No other competition lasts for eight days, boasting as many as 3,000 couples from 60 countries,” says Puno.

She joined the senior category for dancers over 35 in the Amateur Latin division.

“Competing against people who were 30 years or so younger than me sounded crazy. But I knew my body was racing against time,” she says.

Daily rehearsal

Initially, she and her Filipino partner, Ryan Jago, rehearsed daily at her Avant Garde Ballroom studio in Virginia.

Last April, she flew to the Philippines to be coached by 10-time national champion Belinda Adora.

At Blackpool, Puno donned a pink dress to stand out among the sea of red and gold. Being called back to the dance floor for another round of the competition was an achievement.

“Ryan practically pulled me on to the floor. It was a pretty rough first dance, the chacha, because I was still reeling from the surprise,” says Puno.

Although they didn’t bring home the honors, Puno was pleased with their first Blackpool competition.

The Filipino pair ranked 38th among 100 couples. For her, it was an accomplishment, considering she was up against dancers younger than her children.

Still, she realized that it takes a year of preparation to compete with the world’s best ballroom dancers.

110 percent

“I can’t say it was my best performance. I wish I could have performed as well as I practiced. They always say, you have to put in 110 percent effort during practice. With the many pressures during the actual competition, only 70 percent of what you practice comes out. For an amateur like me, that was ever so true!” she says.

Hip, knee replacements

“This was the first time our coach, Belinda, saw me competing with Ryan,” she adds. “After Blackpool, she knew what my strengths and weaknesses were. We have since adjusted some of our choreography, not necessarily performing complicated routines, but honing my technique and elevating the musicality of the dance.”

She admits that her hip and knee replacements have hampered her technique. Moreover, a mature body takes a longer time to warm up.

Nonetheless, her partners, Slava Sergiev and Jago, acknowledge her capacity, and challenge her to get out of her comfort zone.

“‘No, I don’t want to do that’ is not an option for them. Determination, the drive to excel, and more practice help me dance well despite my hip and knee replacements,” says Puno.

Then again, ballroom dancing requires a successful partnership. Like teammates in a sport, a good partner will assist, support and take risks.

Ideal partner

Puno explains that her ideal partner must be compatible with her height and appearance to facilitate seamless interaction.

“He needs to exude masculinity and confidence, without being narcissistic,” she says.

“A good partner does not worry about how he alone looks, but considers how we look together. Good technique and a willingness to keep learning is important. He needs to know how to express the emotion of the dance, and have the charisma to interact with the audience.”


A good partner must be a gentleman,” she notes.

“He must be even-tempered, and treat me like a lady at all times—on and off the dance floor. Some men act great on the dance floor, but treat their partners terribly when they are out of it. Hindi puwedeng wala siyang pakialam sa akin the minute he leaves the dance floor.”

She continues: “Even when he is not dancing, he needs to maintain a dancer’s image of class. He needs to be trustworthy and a man of good character.”

In the Pro/Am (a professional dancing with his amateur student) events, Puno dances with Sergiev, while Jago is her partner in the Senior Amateur division.

“My partners make me look good because they are not competing with me on the dance floor,” she says. “We dance as a true partnership. They provide the power and energy so I can generate it back in return. When I make a mistake, they never show disapproval. They keep dancing and try to make me recover so disaster is averted.”


On and off the dance floor, Puno is the epitome of ladylike demeanor. She credits her inner grace to her mother, Aurora Mendoza, and her education in Maryknoll (Miriam) College.

“Good manners and kindness were requirements in my home and my alma mater. I never learned to drink or smoke, and cussing is unthinkable,” she says.

Her sense of propriety is also applied in ballroom dancing. “I have never indulged in anything to make me high, and I don’t drink,” she says.

“This is why it is easy for me to be conscious of propriety. I maintain boundaries in my friendship with my partners or any dancer I am in contact with. I demand to be treated like a lady at all times because I act like a lady at all times. This avoids misunderstandings and being taken advantage of.”

Her enthusiasm and litheness make her look younger on the dance floor.

“I strive for excellence,” she says. “My passion for dance and meeting challenges drives me. The benefits of ballroom dancing keep me going. I am not in denial of my age, but I know there are competitions out there for senior women.

“I want to keep improving. There is still so much to learn. There is an expression: The more you know, the more you realize what you don’t know.”

SOURCE: Philippine Daily Inquirer >

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MS Young Artists design Little Free Libraries

Twenty-four Middle School students from the Young Artists Club shared their talent to the community by painting the unit’s entry for the Little Free Libraries (LFL). The students worked on the LFL from September 2 to 3, 2016.

Armed with their brushes, paints and a whole lot of creativity, the students painted “little houses”. These small structures are to house books that will be donated by the community. The activity was a good way for MS girls to showcase their talent and at the same time work for a cause.

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HCSB, MC students garner top awards at the 18th Asia Pacific Dance Competition

The Halili Cruz School of Ballet (HCSB) was awarded 9 gold medals and 3 Gold, 5 Silver and 4 Bronze trophies at the 18th Asia Pacific Dance Competition held in Macau last August 18-21. More than 600 dancers from different dance schools and companies in Asia participated in the competition.

Several Miriam College students from the Lower, Middle and High School units studying at the Ballet did the school proud as they showed grace and skill throughout the competition. They are: 

Nurul Qhalisia Rahmad, 3-Abokado
Honorable Mention 9 and Under Modern Group

Dion Akia Tumulak, 5-Masipag
Honorable Mention 9 and Under Modern Group

Gabrielle Aliyah Vitug, 5-Matiayga
3rd Place, 12 & Under Classical Ballet Group

Marie Leonora Belle Aro, Grade 8
1st Place, 15 & Under Modern Group

Aine Summer Sanchez, 8-Maranao
3rd Place, 12 & Under Modern Group

Julia Bernice Alarilla, 9-Fabella
1st Place, 15 & Under Modern Group
2nd Place, 15 & Under Classical Ballet Ensemble

Anica Garcia, 9-Graham, 
1st Place, 15 & Under Modern Group

Maxine Adrienne Jill Roque, Grade 9-Caritas
1st Place, 15 & Under Modern Group
2nd Place, 15 & Under Classical Ballet Ensemble
3rd Place 18 & Under Lyrical Group

Phoemela Angela Esluzar, Grade 10
1st Place, 15 & Under Modern Group
2nd Place, 15 & Under Classical Ballet Ensemble
3rd Place 18 & Under Lyrical Group
Honorable Mention, 15 & Under Lyrical Solo
Honorable Mention, 18 & Under Lyrical Ensemble
Honorable Mention, Open Classical Ballet Group

Felicia Isabel Del Rosario, Grade 10-Adriano
3rd Place, 18 & Under Lyrical Ensemble
Honorable Mention, Open Classical Ballet Group
Honorable Mention, Open Classical Ballet Ensemble

Mary Cristine Angela Lim, Grade 12-Curie, 
1st Place, 15 & Under Modern Group
15 & Under Classical Ballet Ensemble
3rd Place 18 & Under Lyrical Group
Honorable Mention, Open Classical Ballet Ensemble 
Honorable Mention, 15 & Under Classical Ballet Solo
Honorable Mention, Open Classical Ballet Ensemble

Photo courtesy of: Halili Cruz Ballet Facebook Page

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Miriam College High School choir wins in Italy | The Philippine Star

The Miriam College High School Glee Club, led by its conductor Nancy Roman, won the Diploma d'Oro Level III in the G2Youth Choirs of Equal Voices category and the Diploma d'Oro Level II in the Sacred Music Female Choir category at the seventh International Choir Festival and Competition held in Rome, Italy.

From the 16 competing international choirs, the Miriam College High School Glee Club, together with other five choirs, qualified for the Grand Prize competition concert.

Philippine Ambassador to Italy Domingo Nolasco attended the Grand Prize Concert at the Basilica di Sant'Andrea della Valle last July 5 and commended the group for making the country and the Filipinos proud. The competition provided an opportunity to showcase the Filipino talent and creativity to the Italian public.

The group was the only choir from Asia that qualified in the competition. Other participating choirs were from Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Serbia, Sweden, USA and Ukraine.

— Celso De Guzman Caparas

Published on July 18, 2016 in Philippine Star - Entertainment Section, page C5 

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Miriam College Choir wins at the international choir festival in Rome

Filipino students from the Miriam College High School Glee Club, led by its conductor Nancy Roman, won the Diplomia d'Oro Level III in the G2-Youth Choirs of Equal Voices category and the Diploma d'Oro Level II in the S-Sacred Music Female Choir category at the 7th International Choir Festival & Competition held in Rome, Italy recently.

From the 16 competing international choirs, the Miriam College High. School Glee Club and other five choirs qualified for the Grand Prize competition concert. Philippine Ambassador to Italy Domingo Nolasco attended the concert at the Basilica di Sant'Andrea della Valle to support the Filipino students.

The ambassador congratulated and commended the group for matting the country and the Filipinos proud. The group was the only choir from Asia who qualified in the competition. Other participating choirs were from  Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Serbia, Sweden, USA and Ukraine.

Published on July 17, 2016 in Starweek, page 14

Department of IS hosts writing workshop

Writing is not a gift, it’s a skill that needs to be practiced. This was how resource-facilitator Sherilyn Siy framed the interactive workshop hosted by the Department of International Studies. Entitled, "Strengthening Our Writing", the workshop was held January 9, 2016 at the Miriam College Board Room and attended by select IS faculty and IS students.

Sherilyn Siy, a summa cum laude graduate from Ateneo de Manila University, worked as a research assistant at the Institute of Philippine Culture on a research concerning an urban poor settlement. She then went to teach English at the Xiamen Radio and Television University in China as a Jesuit Volunteer for two years before she came back to Ateneo for an MA degree in Applied Social Psychology. She also worked for the Special Projects office of Miriam College during Dr. Patricia Licuanan’s time. Now residing in Japan, she is a fulltime mother and blogger and considers herself a popular audience writer rather than an academic writer. 

The sharing of innovative approaches to writing and the discussion on the assigned reading entitled, “Why Academics Stink at Writing,” by Steven Pinker, got the IS faculty and students to examine and rethink their own writing styles and approaches. Participants left the workshop motivated to write, write and re-write. Peter Jonas David, Department of IS Faculty

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MCHS Glee Club wins in CMLI Voices in Harmony competition

The MCHS Glee Club was the 2nd runner-up at the Children’s Museum & Library Inc.’s (CMLI) Voices in Harmony held at the AFP Theatre last December 6, 2015. The choir sang two choice pieces, Papanok a Lakitan by Nilo B. Alcala II and Kailangan Kita by Ogie Alcasid and arranged By Carl Elmore Facto. Their contest piece was Posible popularized by the group Rivermaya. It was arranged for the choir by Ma. Theresa V. Roldan. 

The semi-final round was held last October 4 at the Marian Auditorium. A total of 22 schools participated but only 10 made it to the finals.

Champions were Immaculate Conception Academy and St. Scholastica’s Marikina.

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Middle School Student bags 1st Place in Manila Bulletin’s Sketch Fest

Brescia V. Amandy, Grade 8 Maranao, won First Place in the Kiddie Category of the Manila Bulletin Sketch Fest 2015 for her oil pastel painting entitled “Chain of Help”. 

The competition, which was held last August 31 at the SM Mall of Asia Music, encouraged the participants to illustrate their understanding of what a hero is through the theme “The Hero in Me”.

Out of 1,000 participants, three winners were chosen for each category. The Miriam College delegation was accompanied by Middle School Art teachers Maria Idona Nicomedes, Claudine Esteban and Richellyda Ramirez, and Art and HELE Supervisor Ludovina Marcelo.

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