As Miriam advances into the 21st century, our partnerships with the alumni will be vital to reach our common aspirations.

Miriam Giving

We are committed to continue adding value to your lives beyond school by finding ways to support your spiritual, personal and professional growth. Miriam recognizes with gratitude the alumni’s support of the institution’s growth, with your generous sharing of talent, resources, and time.

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Alumni Giving

The generosity of our alumni is the school’s pride. You have shared in Miriam’s growth and in sustaining our reputation as a leading educational institution. There are various ways we can work together to continue the alumni giving tradition.

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Crate & Barrel X MCHS 1996

Last April 10, 2019, MCHS Batch ‘96 jumpstarted their fundraising efforts in preparation for their Jubilarian year in 2021. In partnership with Crate...

Homecoming Hosts MCHS 1994 give back to their alma mater

MC Alumni are all abuzz with fundraising activities for the school in time for their Silver Jubilee. Headlining these efforts is MCHS 1994 who are the...

HS 1995 raises funds for MC’s DREAMS programs

In preparation for their alumni homecoming in 2020, MCHS 1995 is selling limited edition commemorative plates which feature two paintings of renowned ...