Carrie Ibarra together with her classmates -- Adele Olives, Annette Aguado, Polly Garilao, and Rory Tolentino, started the Pink Parol project with the objective to help VP Leni win in the Presidential race 2022.


The newly re-opened Ayala Museum hosted its first event on April 24, 2022 with the well-attended launch of the book SONG OF NEGROS: MYTHS AND CULTURE IN THE PHILIPPINES. The book contains fifteen beautifully illustrated myths, legends, and folktales from the island of Negros and explains the significance of these tales to the culture of the provinces in particular, and of the Philippines in general.


Madelle is a familiar face especially to those who love Zumba. She makes dancing for fitness fun and accessible, inspiring millions of people around the world to move through their YouTube channel LiveLoveParty.tv. Madelle talks about what dance means to her and how she found a positive and uplifting community in MC – one that developed her talents and equipped her with the values that help make her the confident entrepreneur, wife, mother and leader she is today.


A doctor and professional athlete, Ian is known as an advocate for a balanced, sustainable lifestyle. A firm believer that good health is key to living life to the fullest, Ian walks the talk as she balances her career as a medical and sports acupuncturist while engaging in competitive sports.


Nina never let deafness prevent her from achieving her dream of being in the fashion industry. While being a deaf student enrolled in a normal class setting had its challenges, it was in MC that Nina learned to be resilient and accept the kindness of others. Today, Nina shares her talent with the world as a fashion designer who proudly promotes Filipino designs and craftsmanship.


After years of building a successful career in the private sector, Lot is now leading meaningful projects in civil society. From livelihood projects that rehabilitate communities devastated by natural calamities to supporting the nutrition and education of children during the pandemic, Lot demonstrates leadership and compassion in uplifting the lives of the poor.


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