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Crate & Barrel X MCHS 1996

Last April 10, 2019, MCHS Batch ‘96 jumpstarted their fundraising efforts in preparation for their Jubilarian year in 2021.

In partnership with Crate and Barrel Philippines (Megamall), all shoppers were given a special 20% discount on all items for the entire day. A percentage of all sales was generously donated to the Miriam College Foundation Scholarship for High School Girls.

Headed by the Class of 4-2, the event successfully raised a very substantial amount for their cause. At the same time, friends and family enjoyed their day catching up with each other and shopping for a cause. Two of the past recepients of the Scholarship Fund were also present, and shared their first hand experiences on how the Foundation has helped them.

It was truly an inspiring start for Batch ‘96 on its road to Jubillee 2021.

We are looking forward to more fundraiser events in the coming months and more chances to give back to our Alma Mater.

Article submitted by Patricia Camacho, HS 1996