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MCHS 1989 donates Calachuchi Walk painting by Celeste Lecaroz to MC

The members of Maryknoll High School 1989/Grade School 1985 turned over a painting of the Calachuchi Walk, an iconic landmark at the High School; it is the path that leads to the Child Study Center. The artwork is by Celeste Lecaroz who is from HS Batch 1989 / Grade School Batch 1985.

Done in spontaneous realism, a style that Celeste is known for, the painting depicts the path framed by a line of Calachuchi trees in bursts of colors of pink, orange, green and yellow.

At the turnover ceremony to Miriam College President, Dr. Rosario Lapus, Celeste spoke about how she found her artistic passion again in 2016 and how the school shaped her as an artist.

In her message to her batchmates, Celeste also expressed her appreciation for the opportunity to give back to Miriam. She said, “I appreciate you having thought of this gesture, a selfless, generous, unconditional sharing of something of ourselves to an institution that helped mold us to be the kind of women we are today.”

The painting will be exhibited at the MC Museum and Gallery of Women’s Art that will be launched at the September 7, 2019 Homecoming before it will be hung at the Miriam College High School Library which will be its permanent home.

Incidentally, the Calachuchi Walk painting by Celeste Lecaroz is also wearable and functional art as it is one of the images printed on silk scarves, greeting cards, checkbook and passport holders that Maryknoll High School 1989/Grade School 1985 is selling for the batch’s various charities and advocacies. MC HS 1989/GS 1985 is also offering a sculpture entitled Pearl Rising, the first collaboration by artist Ovvian Castrillo (from Grade School Batch 1985) and brother Nixxio Castrillo for the same objective.

Those who are interested to purchase the items may visit the MCHS 1989 merchandise table at the Homecoming on September 7, 2019.

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Article written by Gay Domingo, HS 1989

Photos by Mark Nilo Odiaman