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MMCAA BOT kicks off 2020 with a visit from new MC President

MMCAA BOT kicks off 2020 with a visit from new MC President

The MMCAA started the year with a special board meeting attended by no less than Ambassador Lullah Quiambao-Del Rosario (COLL ’68). Also present from the school were administrators and fellow alumnae Dr. Jasmin Galace (COLL ‘85, VP for Academic Affairs) and Dr. Marge Acosta (COLL ‘86, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences).

During her visit, Ambassador Quiambao-Del Rosario shared her plans for the school, amidst all the challenges. When asked by Chairman Atty. Mari Fabian what the alumni can do for the school, the President answered, “The reason why we choose the schools we go to is generally word of mouth. Our alumni can help by spreading the word of how Miriam College continues to be an excellent school.” During the introductions, it was evident that most of MMCAA’s board members do belong to families whose past (and present) generations are products of Maryknoll or Miriam. Ambassador Quiambao-Del Rosario encouraged the Board to continue their work in fostering a vibrant and dynamic alumni community through their programs and projects, and assures them of the school’s full support.

The MMCAA’s board meeting was also the first for its newest members, namely Ella Ignacio Carlos, Ambassador Millie Thomeczek, Lucia Bernadette Herrera, MM de Leon and Val Baeyens.

Here is a complete list of the MMCAA’s 2020 Board of Trustees:

CHAIRMAN - Fabian, Maria Vilma D. (HS 78)        

VICE CHAIR - Carlos, Louella Cristina I. (GS 78, HS 82)

PRESIDENT - Galang, Gail Frances R. (GS 83, HS 87)

CORP SECRETARY - Guevara, Laura Love P. (HS 89)

ASST CORP SEC - Ma. Katrina Joy R. Letargo (GS'85 HS'89)

TREASURER - Calaguas, Maria Kristina D. (HS 92)

VP for SPECIAL PROJECTS - Nunez, Maria Carmen Angelica (GS 83, HS 87)              

VP for MEMBERSHIP - Thomeczek, Melita S. (COLL 74)

Baeyens, Valerie Grace F. (GS 90, HS 94)       

De Leon, Marlene M. (GS 91, HS 95)           

Gepuela, Maria Aurora C. (GS 70, HS 74)       

Hernandez, Antoinette B. (GS 69, HS 73)       

Herrera, Lucia Bernadette L. (GS 90, HS 94)  

Rivera, Evelyn Grace V. (GS 70)           

Subido, Kianna Mae DG (GS 06, HS 2010, COLL 2014)


Miriam College, through the Alumni Engagement Office, looks forward to a strong, continued partnership with the MMCAA for the year ahead!

You may reach the MMCAA at 89306272 local 1187 and alumni@mc.edu.ph