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UPDATED: Alumni Homecoming: MCitizens are “coming home” in 2020

UPDATED (24 August 2020)

What the world and the Maryknoll/ Miriam College community have experienced so far this 2020 is unprecedented. Like most organizations, the Maryknoll/ Miriam College community is faced with uncertainty and challenges and we are all suddenly forced to navigate this new world. 

Just like our forebears, the Maryknoll/ Miriam College community will be undaunted by the effects of COVID-19. Though it seems like life will not be the same as we know it, we will stay courageous and true to our values as we navigate this new life (the new normal). 

This year, the MCHS Class of 1995 will host the annual homecoming. They were set to celebrate this annual event with an ode to the Modern Filipina through its theme MCitizen. The batch acknowledges that a lot of its alumni have migrated to different countries all over the world. Despite this, they believe that each alumna brought with them what they have learned from our alma mater, which,  partnered with their respective family upbringing and experiences, have molded them into individuals who are family-centered, hardworking, confident in their abilities, empowered, self-sufficient, courageous, and God-fearing. 

For the MCHS Class of 1995, an MCitizen can compete globally in her chosen field of endeavors such as science and technology, math, engineering, and arts.  She represents our country with pride as someone who understands the merits of Filipino culture and values, history, arts, and their impact on the advancement of the Philippine economy. An MCitizen is a citizen of our country who advocates for worthy causes, a humanitarian, and an environmentalist. An MCitizen leads her path according to God’s purpose, humbly submitting to His will in all her work and actions.  She is flawed like any human being, but she tries to exemplify the character of Mother Mary. An MCitizen is a citizen of the Maryknoll/ Miriam community with an inherent love, allegiance, and gratitude for the institution that honed her into the well-rounded individual she is today. 

This year, the annual homecoming event that celebrates our being part of this great community will be non-traditional. Like how most activities are done these days, this year’s homecoming will be celebrated online. Similar to how the Maryknoll Sisters responded to the effects of World War II here in the Philippines by reopening the school on a bigger scale in a different location, this year’s homecoming will also be bigger in scale which will allow all alumni to join the celebration no matter where they are. This year’s “homecoming” will be a celebration of life, a reminder of our shared values, and inspire hope for what is ahead of us.

On behalf of the MCHS Class of 1995, MMCAA wishes to invite all Maryknoll/ Miriam College alumni to join us as we “come home”, commune, and celebrate our collective mission on September 5, 2020. Expect updates about the school and the Alumni Association, virtual presentations from this year's Jubilarian batches, and tributes to our MCitizen Heroes. 

How to join? 

Follow the MMCAA Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/mmcaaph and on September 5, tune in at 9:00 pm (GMT +8) for the start of the online Mass. It will then be followed by the Homecoming Program which begins at 4:00 pm.