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Maryknoll High School 1970 gifts Maryknoll Sisters and BEU Faculty on their Golden Jubilee

There was not a dry eye in the virtual meeting room as Maryknoll High School Class 1970 formally turned over their Golden Jubilee gifts to the Maryknoll Sisters and Miriam College in a heartfelt ceremony last September 3.

The Alumni Engagement Office organized a virtual turnover event with class representatives Lea Santos and Alice Ranada to formally accept and thank Maryknoll College High School Class 1970 for their gifts. The Class chose several beneficiaries for their fundraising on their 50th anniversary – financial assistance for the elderly Maryknoll Sisters in both the Philippines and Ossining, and a gift to purchase laptops for HS Faculty and provide training in online teaching to BEU Faculty.

In attendance were Maryknoll Sisters Sr. Rosalie Lacorte from Ossining and Sr. Helen Graham from the Philippines, Amb. Laura Q. Del Rosario, VPAA Dr. Jasmin Nario-Galace, BEU Director Ms. Maria Louella Tampinco, administrators from Miriam College and members of the class.  

The class was introduced by representative Lea Santos. According to Lea, MCHS 1970 was a class that always “rolled with the punches” as many changes were introduced during their time in Maryknoll. They shared fond memories of their days in their alma mater and their reunions as alumnae.

Marisa Montes-Fojas then presented their first gift, which was for the Maryknoll Sisters. “Sisters, we are ever, ever so grateful. You gave us your lives, your values, your Christian truths, and most of all, you shaped us to be decent and moral adults.” The Maryknoll Sisters in Ossining and the Philippines were given USD 10,000 and PHP 380,000, respectively. Sister Helen and Sister Rosalie expressed their gratitude to the class, which was a very touching moment. “To think that you are all over the world, and you never forget where you came from. That’s real heart-wrenching for us. And we are so grateful, we really are,” expressed Sister Rosalie. “We know that the spirit of Mother Mary Joseph is fully alive in you. And she is so proud of you, and so are we. Maraming salamat and God bless each of you. And know that whatever you send us will be put to good use. Salamat!” she adds.

Gina Concepcion-Pastorfide then presented their class gifts to Miriam College. The class understands the new challenges brought about by distance learning, not just to the students but to faculty as well. They gifted the school with twenty (20) laptops for use of High School faculty, and P200,000 to provide training in online teaching for BEU faculty.

BEU Director Ms. Luwi Tampinco acknowledged that in the past months, Miriam College faced many different challenges all at once. However, HS 1970’s support gives the school a lot of reassurance. “Seeing you here seeing you here and knowing that you have thought of us, of your alma mater, at this time, gives us comfort that there are still people who support us and believe that we are a school that will try its best to provide the best learning environment for all who come to us.“

Amb. Laura Q. Del Rosario emphasized how the school’s shift to online learning is very similar to the Maryknoll Sisters’ mission. “The Sisters gave us the physical campus just so they could go to other parts of the world – they went to Africa, Latin America, South East Asia. And so now we are following them in fields afar with the use of modern technology.” She thanked the class for their generosity and adds, “Everything that we’re doing right now really is inspired by the Maryknoll motto of making God’s love visible. And I think that Maryknoll High School 1970 is really a visible kind of love that they have concretized through their gifts.”

Miriam College thanks Maryknoll High School Class 1970 for their support and congratulates them on their Golden Jubilee!



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