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Alumni in the Spotlight: Arjun Inocalla (COL 2000)

A believer in responsible leadership since his college days, Arjun now leads his team in supporting clients in many regions in the world.


What career or life accomplishment makes you most proud?

On the personal aspect, I am proud to have a beautiful family... a husband to Iesel Kris and as a father to Arthera Martine.

On the professional aspect, I am humbled to have built a career in the BPO industry. When I stepped out of college, BPO industry was just starting in the country and unknown to many. I made a decision then choosing BPO with the aim to succeed in the said industry. I started as an agent and moved up to several positions.

With my current position as Global Command Center Senior Manager for TDCX, I am supporting our client in overseeing their vendors situated across all regions (APAC, EMEA and Americas). My team provides real-time monitoring, enterprise-level reporting, forecasting, operational efficiency recommendations and ad hoc requests.

Last December, I was invited as one of the speakers for our company's annual learning festival. I was given an opportunity to share how "Comfort in Discomfort" played part in driving success of our team in the Learning Camp which aimed to promote the use of LinkedIn Learning for employee career development.

The Learning Camp was participated by over 400 employees from 3 countries. I led a team of employees from another account in a remote work setup. After 8 weeks of competition, our team was able to get the top spot against 20 other teams.


To what would you attribute your achievement?

I always believe in ethical leadership and leadership by example.


In what ways did your Maryknoll/Miriam education impact your life and profession?

Miriam College molded my values as a leader and not just a manager. As president of Junior and Senior councils, I practiced servant leadership as I would be nothing without my batchmates.

Being part of the minority as a male student did not become a hindrance for me to lead my batch, it actually allowed me to see challenges as opportunities to be better and to succeed. This is something I always keep in mind until now.

As a Communications Arts graduate, I am especially thankful to the various subject units I took which helped in developing my communications and presentation skills. These learnings will never expire but will just keep on getting developed.


Can you share a memorable experience during your years in Maryknoll/Miriam College?

I entered a wrong gate on the day of college entrance exam as there was no sign yet outside Miriam College. When I became part of the student council, I shared this story with the other officers and it was interesting to know that several other students shared a similar experience.

For all our batch projects. we saved a portion of our income for the construction of the signage. The savings became the seed money that was presented as our batch gift during graduation. Special thank you to the batch after us for sharing ur vision and completing the money needed for the construction.


What advice would you give our students who wish to pursue the same path?

You can make a career in the BPO industry, however, it is a decision you have to make early on for you to become successful. It is also important to keep your values, maintain professionalism in your dealings and practice ethical leadership.

Be proud to be a Miriam graduate!