Miriam College is a premier women's college in the Philippines. Founded in 1924, Miriam College offers programs at the basic, tertiary, post-graduate and adult education levels.

The institution supports specialized centers engaged in curriculum development, research, community outreach and advocacy in the fields of social development, peace education, environmental studies and women’s empowerment.

  • Address : Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights Quezon City 1108 Philippines

  • Email Us : info@mc.edu.ph

  • Call Us : (+63 02) 8 930-MCQC (6272)

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Undergraduate Programs

We are committed to providing you with a well-rounded Miriam College education that blends academic competence with social awareness and involvement, and spiritual formation. Our students are exposed to a variety of activities designed to meet their varied interests and needs.

For those seeking alternative learning opportunities, students may opt to participate in our academic exchanges, study tours, short-term programs, conferences, trainings, and seminars. Other outstanding features include our unique courses of study, academically competent professors, a vibrant community, our family-like environment, and a clean and green campus.


Vibrant Community Life

We provide an environment that nurtures camaraderie, belongingness, and a feeling of home that will make you want to come back long after you’ve earned your diploma.

Learning by Experience

Experience is how you will learn best at MC, giving you that confidence to pursue your chosen careers.


Quality programs and courses

We offer strong and relevant programs with specializations that prepare you well in your chosen field.




Learn more about our programs below


Accounting Information System


Applied Arts

Business Administration


Digital Technologies


Environmental Planning and Management


International Studies

Leisure and Tourism Management




There are two areas of academic study required for a student to graduate from Miriam College: major courses and general education courses.



Major Courses

Major courses will give you the knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to succeed in your chosen program. Major courses includes the program's basic courses, core courses, and electives. Each program has its required number of units. Please visit your chosen program page to see the number of units it requires.




General Education

General education classes will prepare you with a sound academic foundation in several disciplines, including english, math, science, history, language, communications, fine arts, physical education, and the National Service and Training Program (NSTP). This includes the Commission on Higher Education's (CHED) GE courses and MC's GE courses.

MC students are required to take these courses regardless of the program they are taking. Most students take these courses on their first two years in the college.



The faculty at Miriam College stand out in many ways. Our professors are industry experts who bring a wealth of experience and are active supporters of the school's advocacy programs. Majority of the faculty have earned their doctorates and master degrees.


Miriam Advocacy Centers


Our pioneering efforts for the promotion of our core values make us truly exceptional. We are a leading advocate for the promotion of truth, justice, peace, women’s rights, and the integrity of creation through our Miriam Advocacy Centers (MACs): Environmental Studies Institute (ESI), Center for Peace Education (CPE), and Women and Gender Institute (WAGI). Through the years, the MACs have contributed immensely to curriculum development, research and training, policy analysis and advocacy, community outreach and networking. Thus, your educational experience becomes even more meaningful by extending learning beyond the classroom to give you a broader appreciation of your discipline and an enhanced sense of civic responsibility and awareness of social realities.



Center for Peace Education



Environmental Studies Institute



Women and Gender Institute