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TREASURE BOX | Shanice Marielle Belen

TREASURE BOX | Shanice Marielle Belen

Treasure box—that’s how I value the ACT course. This seemingly small door unraveled and unlocked to the different avenues that leads to a broader spectrum of knowledge. This course enabled me to have a deep understanding with modern technology such as the computer "language," advance database management & graphic designs. The competent knowledge created in me a new a perspective in my individuality. It helped me to be more efficient, resourceful, and confident. It introduced me to a lot of job opportunities and made me ready to enter the working world even before finishing the course. And even now that I am already employed/working, I am still determined to learn and explore more from what I have learned simply because  ACT inspired me to do so.

One of my greatest experiences in this course was working on my first website web pages project. That was the time when I realized that this is what I love! It awakened in me a passion to google and anatomize new concepts. Added to the pages of my good memories of my stay in Miriam College was being with the deaf students. Behind their seemingly frailties and limitations are the spirit of determination, hard work, patience, faith and eagerness to learn which I believe are truly important virtues in a fast pacing world where we live in. I really had fun being around them and thankful to have the chance to meet them. Our togetherness made me understand them even more for they taught me a different language—a language of the heart expressed through their graceful hands. Credits to my deaf classmates! They have been so patient in teaching me sign language. I am a step closer now to the deaf community! A privilege also to meet some graduates of MC who made a name for themselves in the working world. The training they got from our school stimulated them to to do their best in their endeavours that wheeled them to serve the society . How happy I am to be a graduate of MC.

ACT is truly a blessing for me. ACT for me is Achieving a Career through Technology. It unlocked before me the many things which I didn’t realized is within my reach. It made me believe in myself and brought the best in me.  Studying this course is never a waste for it contributed a significant part of who I am today.

Shanice Marielle Belen
ACT Class of 2017