Our Programs

We conduct the following programs in Miriam College and in various education,
non-profit, government, and private institutions.


  • Gender Fair Education (GFE) Program

    Building a culture of gender fairness in our schools is one of WAGI’s top priorities. The GFE program develops the capacity of educators and school administrators in gender-fair learning, non-sexist language, feminist research methodologies, among other gender-fair pedagogical approaches. By integrating perspectives, values and strategies related to the mainstreaming of women’s rights, and gender equality and inclusion in all aspects of education, WAGI works with schools to create pillars for a gender-fair society.

  • Gender, Peace and Security (GPS) Program

    Recognizing the voices of women in conflict and post-conflict situations is essential to building just and lasting peace. The GPS program seeks to do exactly this by highlighting the gender dimensions in war, militarism, conflict, peace and security. The program articulates an alternative security paradigm that is gender-responsive and inclusive of women's initiatives to end war and contributions to peace building.

  • Gender and Development (GAD) Program

    In helping to build a democratic and equitable society for women and people of all genders, the GAD program collaborates with government agencies, private institutions, civil society organizations, and academic institutions to hold interactive gender training activities. Through these collaborations WAGI promotes critical gender awareness, equal opportunity policies, and socially inclusive practices be it in the workplace, school campuses, or household.

  • Young Women's Leadership (YWL) Program

    To prepare today’s young women to become tomorrow’s leaders, the YWLD program conducts leadership seminars and workshops for young women, by young women. The program traverses class, ethnic, political and religious boundaries to bring young women together. Collectively they envision, create, and collaborate as social change agents, encouraged to build their own feminist paradigms that uphold gender equality, diversity, and inclusion.

  • Feminist Research Program

    When advocating for women’s empowerment, gender equality, and social inclusion, WAGI understands that the barriers to a gender equal society are constantly evolving. Through the IFR program, WAGI’s annual journal Quilted Sightings, features new thinking and feminist research studies on a wide array of topics. With a focus on local, national, and regional issues, the journal aims to contribute to the enrichment of a feminist global south perspectives, that engage and challenge traditional frameworks and western notions of feminism.

  • Mid-Year Training Institute

    The Midyear Training Institute is WAGI’s commitment to teaching and life-long learning of gender related theories and practices. The WAGI Training Institute targets schools, government agencies, civil society organizations, and the private sector, offering week-long intensive courses on topics such as Gender-Fair Education (GFE), International Women’s Human Rights (IWHR), Gender-Responsive Planning and Budgeting (GRPB), Migration and Development (MD), and Gender, Sexuality and Student Youth Well-Being (GSSYW).

The Gigi Francisco Research and Scholarship Fund

The Gigi Francisco Research and Scholarship Fund is a tribute to WAGI’s first Executive Director. The face of southern feminism would not be what it is today if it were not for Prof. Gigi Francisco’s valiant efforts and perseverance. She was at the forefront of the women’s movements in the Philippines and has co-founded various organizations such as the Women and Gender Institute (WAGI).

The Gigi Francisco Research and Scholarship Fund is committed to supporting research and training primarily in the area of gender, development, and economic globalization.

This program is a collaborative project of WAGI and the MC Department of International Studies.



    ESI Building, Miriam College, Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City 1108

  • PHONE :

    (+632) 8930-MCQC (6272) local 8289

  • EMAIL :

    wagi@mc.edu.ph / wagicommunications@gmail.com

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