Camille Sta. Maria

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Camille Sta. Maria

WAGI has enabled me to become a strong and independent woman (no matter how cliché it sounds). Because of this organization, I learned how important it is to pursue my advocacy - for women's rights; and it also introduced me to the world of volunteerism wherein I was able to apply the concept of "it's better to give than to receive". Because of WAGI, I was able to get the practice I need for my job, with the values instilled in me by my mentors.

WAGI engages with young women and the students of Miriam College. Other than the annual Young Women Leadership Training for the Council of Leaders, and the Young Women Leadership Conference which brings together young women from different Colleges and Universities, WAGI is proud to have a set of volunteers providing assistance to the center. 


Camille Sta. Maria

Some if our volunteers, also known as WAGIRLS, have become part of the WAGI family because of their commitment and determination. They are empowered young women, who are always ready when called upon. They do not shy away from any task that is given them. Whether it be to dance, to assist high profile individuals, or gather hundreds of students together to rally for a cause, these young women will ensure the task is done. 

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