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What is your favorite MC moment?
What is your favorite MC moment?
Annual Report SY 2014-2015
Child Study Center |  Engaging through experience
Middle School  |  Learning by connecting
Lower School  |  Discovering design thinking
High School  |  Turning ideas into products
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Miriam College’s Women and Gender Institute to launch docu, publication on Women, Peace, and Security | Press Release
Miriam College - Women and Gender Institute (WAGI) and the Women’s Peace collective (WPC), formerly known as the Women’s Peace Table (WP...
Phenom by Jasmine W. Payo | Philippine Daily Inquirer
Meet millennial kid Charlie Manzano, the bemedalled 4-foot-4 package who has yet to grasp how good she can be in a sport in quest of a new heroine ...
Google Philippines touts teen campaign promoting digital literacy | Sun Star Manila
The Reconnect Project bags the top prize in Google’s search for new Web Rangers MANILA -- Google Philippines awarded the top prize for its Webrangers...
Pinky Puno conquers Blackpool at age 67 by Marge C. Enriquez | Philippine Daily Inquirer
Her spirit is willing, and her flesh is not weak. At age 67, dancer Michaela “Pinky” Puno is unstoppable. This year, she competed in the...

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90 Shots Photo Exhibit
October 10-21
St, Joan of Arc Courtyard
MC High School
Semestral Shutdown
October 27 - November 2
No classes | Offices are closed