Accompanied by Mary, the Christ bearer, our Miriam spirituality leads us to follow Jesus who brings us in the Spirit to God. Jesus’ greatest disciple and follower is Mary, His mother and ours. Miriam spirituality is Christ-centered, Catholic, Lay, Missionary, and Filipino, embodying the Gospel values of truth, justice, peace and integrity of creation. Inspired by the Maryknoll legacy, rooted in the person of Jesus Christ, and lived by Miriam of Nazareth, Miriam Spirituality empowers our community to lead in mission, communion, and service.

Our Roots

Mother Mary Joseph and the Maryknoll Spirit

Mother Mary Joseph on August 4, 1930, gave her first reflective formulation on the “Maryknoll Spirit,” which was a key to all her later reflections  on its meaning.   “As one lamp lights another nor grows less, so nobleness enkindles nobleness.” (From the Poem Yussouf by James Russel Lowell)

“We can easily see the meaning of these words.  We know that if we take a candle and light another one, the light of the first does not lessen,  rather it gives light to the second one.  And so it is with us, with our virtues.  Kindness begets kindness and charity begets charity, and the first act does not grow less, rather has it increased.  If we could only be conscious that every act of kindness will beget another act of kindness, and an act of charity will bring another act of charity, how little trouble we would have in life.”

(Excerpt from #13 Mollie’s Legacy of Love:  “The Maryknoll Spirit")

Contact Information

Miriam Identity, Spirituality, and Mission Office

Trunkline: (+63 2) 580-5400 to 28 extn. 1170

Qualities of a Maryknoll/Miriam Student

Christlike Charity
 Jesus has given us an example of how to live, how to love. As He has loved us, we also should love one another.
- Sister Dorothy McGowan, M.M., East Timor

A Limpid Simplicity of Soul
MMJ’s clear thought of a soul totally attuned to God with childlike trust and confidence in the Father’s love.
- Sister Teresita Perez, M.M., Maryknoll Sisters Center, New York, U.S.A.

Heroic Generosity
I do not think being generous with one’s talents, time, and treasure is that hard. But heroic? That means total self-giving.
- Sister Nenita Tapia, M.M., Philippines

Selflessness is following the examples of Jesus in being the ‘face of compassion to those who are in need.’ It is a lifetime of creative work in making God’s love visible.
- Jamelia Villanueva, Teacher Training (G.U.R.O.)
Executive Director, Miriam College, Philippines

Unswerving Loyalty
The Maryknoll spirit continually challenges us to live with meaning and purpose in today’s world. It inspires lifelong fidelity to the vision of God’s loving presence, and an unwavering sense of mission rooted in Miriam’s fiat.
- Josefina N. Tan, Chairperson, Board of Trustees, Miriam College, Philippines

Prudent Zeal
Our Maryknoll tradition has taught us to be passionate in pursuing our dreams and ideals and at the same time to be balanced and wise in our decisions and choices.
- Loreta N. Castro, Former Miriam College President, and Peace Advocate, Philippines

An Orderly Mind
In today’s world where chaos is the only norm and change is the only constant, an orderly mind is neither static nor inflexible, but open and creative. It is not afraid to imagine, question or challenge, and it welcomes both paradox and mystery. This is an orderly mind: its fruit is wisdom.
- Sister Virginia Fabella, M.M., Philippines

Gracious Courtesy
Courtesy is more than mere politeness. It involves respect and concern for others. To exude courtesy graciously is to bestow benevolence and nobility upon others as well as upon oneself.
- Sister Marisa Lichauco, M.M., Philippines

An Adaptable Disposition
It is a basic stance before the Source of all being that absorbs one's presence and capacity to engage in a dance believing that all interruptions, interventions, and unexpected events... are mystery that moves us along the cosmic dance of life...
- Sister Teresa Dagdag, M.M., Rome, Italy 

Solid Piety
Solid piety has deep roots of respect and faithfulness to prayer with an awareness of God’s presence at all times.
- Sister Mary Clare Henry, M.M., Maryknoll Sisters Center, New York, U.S.A.

The Saving Grace of a Sense of Humor
A sense of humor saves us from ourselves; allows us to see the unexpected, the incongruous, the over serious, the absurd, the surprises in life, and to laugh a laugh that is a mixture of joy and incredulity, like that of Sarah when told she would bear a son in her old age!
- Sister Helen Graham, M.M., Philippines