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The Center for Strategic Research is an institutional coordinating center for strategic research and innovation activities in Miriam College. It will develop and implement programs and projects to foster research scholarship and genuine intellectual inquiry across the different academic units.  It aims to strengthen the research culture among the members of the Miriam College community to expand the frontiers of knowledge for improved teaching and learning and academic quality management.

Miriam College Faculty Research Journals

Volume 38 / March 2014


Tapping the reflective voice in the classroom: 
Portfolios as alternative assessment

Lorna A. Billanes

The role of Miriam College in career preparation of students 
Katrien Ds. Dagmang, Ma. Rubylen Valenzuela 
and Ruth Ann Musngi

Emerging Concepts in the Family Media: 
Perspectives from the Typical and Atypical Filipino Familie
Ma. Margarita A. Acosta

Creation of a school library website from free online tools and its use 
Marion Jude M. Gorospe

A tracer study: Miriam College Business 
Administration graduates

Ruby F. Alminar-Mutya, Aida Z. Duque 
& Allan Paul R. Tang

Volume 37 / October 2013

The Questions for Assessment (QFA) Scheme as a 
Pedagogical Tool in a Physics Class (Abstract Only) 

Resty C. Collado

Best Practices in Teaching and Leaning Math and 
Science at Miriam College High School

Glenda R. Villanueva and Ma. Rosanna Monica V. Marabut

Mixed Methods Study on Social Networking Site Use and Behavior, Self-esteem and Online Identity of Miriam College Undergraduate Students
Grace B. Evangelista, Maria Lourdes Q. Baybay, and
Sheila L. Dingcong

The Relationship between Organizational Commitment and Emotional Intelligence
Alvin Z. Bolaños

The Extent of Integration of Environment Education in the Curriculum of Miriam College   High School: An Evaluation (Abstract Only) 
Glenda R. Villanueva

Service Learning Reconsidered
Rachel R. Laureano and Teresita R. Rapadas

Volume 36 / October 2012

The Role of Values in Academic Achievement among Female College Students
Katrien DS. Dagmang and Ricadelle U. Tiu

An Assessment of Tullahan River as Community-Based     Teaching Tool in Ecology
Annie Cu Gallardo, Ed. D.

Metaphor as a Reflective Tool in Teacher Education
Caroline S. de Leon, Ph.D.

The Miriam College Child Study Center Media Education Program
Marie Rose A. Yuzon

Integrating MIL in Open and Distance eLearning in the      Philippines
Jose Reuben Q. Alagaran II, Ph.D.

Volume 35 / March 2012

Love of Country at Miriam College
Jasmin E. Acuña, Ph.D.

Assessing Students’ Critical Thinking Skills
Francis Julius N. Evangelista, Ph.D.

Planning and Adoption of Information and 
Communication Technology  among Communication  Educators

Jose Reuben Q. Alagaran II, Ph.D.

Assessing the Human Dimensions of Wellness among
Teachers toward Wellness Programming 

Dennis S. Sajo, Ed.D.

Features and Practices in Health Care Facilities for Aged and Infirm Nuns
Lourdes U. Agbing, Ph.D.

Pedagogical Benefits of Multimedia Language Lab in EFL/ESL Learning
George Kolanchery

VOLUME 34 / March 2011

  Tungo sa Pagbuo sa Isang Talatuluyang Pangkurikulum sa Filipino sa Sistemang Batayang Edukasyon ng Kolehiyo ng Miriam
Edizon A. Fermin, Ph.D.

Visual Arts as a Therapeutic Intervention with Abused Adolescents
Grace Brillantes-Evangelista, Ph.D.

Mediated Processing of Student Errors on Inequalities: Effects on Math Attitude, Self-Efficacy and Achievement  
John Antonio G. Encarnacion II, Ph.D.

Environmental Knowledge, Attitude, and Behavior of Miriam College Students and their Ecological Footprint
Avelinda A. Cabrido

Gaston Bachelard’s Poetic Ontology
Mira T. Reyes

Student’s Voices: Reflections in a Service-Learning Setting
Lorna A. Billanes

Miriam College’s Communication Across the Curriculum (CAC) Program: A Case of Language Planning
Edizon A. Fermin, Ph.D.

A Metacognitive Approach to Students’ Preconceptions in Solving Linear Equations
Esmeralda S. Bunag

Amidst Poverty and Illness: Experiences of Patients in Public Hospitals
Gina R. Gatarin

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VOLUME 33 / October 2012

  Factors affecting Math Performance
Ruth Bugas

Manifest needs of adolescents and their level of happiness
Ruth Bugas

Predictors of English, Mathematics and Science achievement
Ruth Bugas

The mother-tongue as a factor in language acquisition 
Ma. Lourdes Veronica S. Abad, & Ruth Q. Bugas

Environmental knowledge, attitude, and behavior of Miriam College students and their ecological footprint
Avelinda Cabrido

Creating Intervention through its athletic program
Dennis Sajo

Pagbu of the Dumagats of Southern Sierra Madre
Rizalino A. David 

VOLUME 32 / March 2010

Codeswitching: An alternative resource in teaching Science and Mathematics
Lourdes S. Abad

Resiliency profile of MCGS middle school students
Jane Grace R. Villaseñor and Michele S. Alignay

Wellness Center: The Miriam College experience
Ronaldo A. Motilla, Ph.D. and Rachelle C. Reyes

Well-being in the Filipino Family
Celia V. Aguila

Tungo sa pagbuo sa isang talatuluyang pangkurikulum sa Filipino sa sistemang batayang edukasyon ng kolehiyo ng Miriam
Edizon Fermin, Ph.D.

VOLUME 31 / July 2009

  Learning English through social justice: An authentic experience
Sofia Soledad D.G. de Guzman

Guided inquiry approach: A model of integrating environmental education in social  studies
Ma. Concepcion B, Lumbre

Theater education and child development: An exploratory study
Noel O. McRae, Ph.D., Lynda C. Garcia, MA and Jesus Enrique G. Saplala, Ph.D.

The Miriam College research experience: Is there a passion for research?
Jasmin E. Acuña, Ph.D. and Ruth Q. Bugas

The impact o f MCHS on emotional skills
Ruth Q. Bugas and Jasmin E. Acuña, PhD

The impact of MCGS PERFORMS
Jasmin E. Acuña, Ph.D. and Ruth Q. Bugas, &Nina Evita Q. Guzman

The impact of MCHS LEAP
Jasmin E. Acuña, Ph.D. and Ruth Q. Bugas

Trends in the characteristics of MC College students
Ma. Victoria A. Oullette and Editha D.L. Dela Cruz, Ph.D.

Emotional skills and interest of the hearing impaired
Jasmin E. Acuña, Ph.D. and Ruth Q. Bugas

Study habits and attitudes of MCHS
Ruth Q. Bugas and Jasmin E. Acuña, Ph.D.

VOLUME 30 / March 2009

Joel Toledo

Women and the democracy project: A feminist take on women’s political participation
Ma. Lourdes V. Rallonza

Mapping of climate change in the Philippines
Ma. Rosario G. Wood

Codeswitching in the classroom: A clash of two language
Lourdes S. Abad

The relationship of emotion regulation to gender, parenting style and academic performance
Joanne Moreno-Javier

Ten years of psychological undergraduate research
Jesus Enrique G. Saplala, PhD, Marita Grama, Maylene Navalta, Nicar Bartolome, Joyce Illescas and Kristina Teopiz

VOLUME 29 / December 2008

  Technology options for 2-stroke powered tricycle
Ma. Teresa M. Oliva

Cooperative learning strategies (CLS) VS. Individual work (Non-CLS) in teaching Reading
Jane Grace R. Villaseñor and Maria Corazon M. Lualhati

Technological resources, knowledge and skills of the basic
Marion Jude Gorospe

The identity crisis of Adolf Hitler
Jasmin E. Acuña, Ph.D.

Fathering adolescents with absent-mothers
Anne Marie A. Baradi, &  Lourdes U. Agbing, PhD

Adorno’s jargon of authenticity, pp. 105-135
Mira Tan Reyes

VOLUME 28 / October 2007

  Hearts apart: In the eyes of Miriam students
Maria Lourdes L. Chavez & Ma. Victoria G. Alfonso

Memories that matter in student narratives
Rebecca T. Añonuevo, Ph.D.

Emotional intelligence and transformational leadership of student leaders and non-leaders
Analiza G. Soriano

The Filipino grandmother in California 
Lourdes U. Agbing , Ph.D.

To die … responsibly 
Lévinas' critique of Heidegger's notion of death
Mira Tan Reyes

Perceptions and preferences in counseling
Jesus Enrique G. Saplala , Ph.D., Madelyn Mendoza , Maylene Navalta, Nalla Mallari, Ana Arrogancia, Kristin Magno

VOLUME 27 / December 2006

  Preschoolers' verbal interaction and letter identification skill: Television cartoon characters as visual aids
Gennievie R. Ada

Personality types, motivational factors, and reading performance of high school students
Maria Vivian P. Nolasco

Isang feministang pagbasa kay Rosario De Guzman Lingat
Maria Luisa D. Ocampo

Gabriel Marcel on the mystery of the Filipino family
Mark Anthony P. Canios

Healing the wounds of war: A phenomenological exploration
Angelina Pacifico- Herrera

Mutational analysis of the Alzheimer's disease Amyloid ß peptide (Aß) and cleavage by E. coli pitrilysin
Joel C. Cornista, et al. 

VOLUME 26 / November 2006

  Marketing schemes and scams: An afterthought
Maria Luisa B. Gatchalian

Tertiary education preferences of Miriam College High School students
Ruth Quintillan Bugas

Metaphors of family relationships
Caroline S. de Leon, Ph.D.

Michel Foucault on the care of the self
Mark Anthony P. Canios

Students' perceptions of Miriam College
Rachel C. Reyes

Towards a framework for enhancing protected area management
Donna Paz T. Reyes, Ph.D.

VOLUME 25 / December 2005

Moral reasoning of college students
Francis N. Evangelista, Ph.D.

Work motivation, self esteem, life and work satisfaction
Melissa B. Lamug

Code-switching in the classroom: A clash of two languages
Lourdes S. Abad

An internet specific literary framework
Patrick F. Campos

The education of children with ADHD
Ma. Paz A. Manaligod, Ph.D.

Factors that influence the achievement of an affirmative gay identity
Ronaldo A. Motilla, Ph.D


Communication across the curriculum in college
Añonuevo, Rebecca T., Ph.D.; Baybay, Ma. Lourdes Q., Ph.D.; Buensuceso, Noel; Buncio, Aurora; Cabrido, Avelinda; De Borja, Rebecca; De Castro, Patrick Anthony; Garcia, Lynda
Lanzona, Raymund; Lopez, Antonio M, Ph.D.; Lupisan, Maricon ; Macapanpan, Arlene; Maribbay, Jose; Mogol, Vernon ,Ph.D.; Ontiveros, Edith, O.S.U.; Pargas, Rosa, Y.; Reyes, Corazon, Ph.D. ; Samson, Lourdes , K.; Tan, Emelita Jane; Villanueva, Jamela 

VOLUME 24 / December 2004

The Madrasta
Maria Lourdes L. Chavez

Rizal's stand on women and the youth
Roland Apacible de Jesus

Seafarers' wives speak
Ma. Margarita A. Acosta

Women in Philippine movies
Ma. Margarita A. Acosta

The Prisoner's self concept
Jesus Enrique G. Saplala

Issues of older gay men: Clinical implications
Ronaldo A. Motilla, Ph.D.

Differences between achievers and underachievers
Analiza G. Soriano

Music and movement workshop
Lucia Jemima O. Muñez

VOLUME 23 / March 2004

  Admission policy, revisited
Ruth Quintillan-Bugas

Do students perform better in composition writing using computer-aided instruction?
Rebecca T. Añonuevo, Ph.D.

Attitude towards student evaluation and actual evaluation
Norminda P. Binuya-Barros

Skwelahang Sikolohiya for the rehabilitation of prisoners
Jesus Enrique Gatus Saplala

On migrant workers
Aurora Javate-De Dios


Filipino youth education
Jasmin E. Acuña, Ph.D., Annadaisy J. Carlota, Ph.D., Editha L. Dela Cruz, Ph.D., Milagros D. Ibe, Ph.D., Patricia B. Licuanan, Ph.D., Sr. Edith L. Ontiveros, O.S.U., Julieta S. Reyes

Executive Emotional Quotient
(Consortium of Women's Colleges)
Jasmin Espiritu Acuña, Ph.D. 

VOLUME 22 / May 2003

Surviving to live: Stories of Filipina entertainers
Aurora Javate-De Dios

Parenting Styles: A comparison
Ma. Celia Villareal-Aguila

High school student formation program evaluation
Ruth Quintillan-Bugas

Developing an accountability instrument
Jocelyn Linsao-Ng

High school students' understanding of English, Mathematics phrases, clauses and sentences
Milagros D. Ibe, Ph.D.


College freshman students' profile
Analiza G. Soriano

The college student survey
Consortium of Women's Colleges (CWC)
Jasmin E. Acuña, Ph.D.

VOLUME 21 / February 2002

Resiliency in Filipino families
Caroline S. de Leon, Ph.D.

Evaluation of the workshop on International Understanding and Values Education
Ma. Lourdes Quisumbing-Baybay , Ph.D.

Student behavioral indices 
Ma. Celia Villareal-Aguila

Student behavioral indices, revisited
Analiza G. Soriano


The college student survey at Miriam College
Jasmin E. Acuña, Ph.D.

Emotional Quotient of Miriam College students
Jasmin E. Acuña, Ph.D., Ma. Celia V. Aguila and the College Guidance Counselors

VOLUME 20 / August 2001

Metacognitive teaching strategies, reading performance and reader's self perception
Cora R. Reyes, Ph.D.

Right-brain hemisphere functions in environmental education
Editha L de la Cruz, Ph.D.

Urban male retireables: Attitudes, expectations, and support systems
Esther J. Esteban

Senior student's values about self
Ma. Lourdes Q. Baybay, Ph.D.

Tin-Edyer: Bata pa o matanda na?
Lourdes U. Agbing, Ph.D.


A framework for teacher education in the new millenium
Lourdes R. Quisumbing, Ph.D.

A postmodern approach: Environmental education
Angelina P. Galang, Ph.D.

A framework for peace education
Loreta Castro, Ph.D.

A commitment to non-sexist education
Josefa S. Francisco 

VOLUME 19 / October 2000

Ambulant vendors: Economic issues and concerns
Jasmin Nario Galace

Coping styles of Filipino women in intact and broken marriage
Lucia Jemima O. Munez

A critical discourse analysis of Ibalon
Cezar R. Tigno

Environmental attitudes, behavior,and practices of the Filipino elderly
Lourdes U. Agbing, Ph.D.

Strength of faith, self-efficacy, and family functioning
Caroline S. De Leon

Has the pattern changed?: The 1999 Licensure Examination for Teacher
Milagros D. Ibe, Ph.D. 
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