The School Name

“Miriam” is the Aramaic name with which Mary, our Blessed Mother and the school’s patron, was called in her lifetime. “Miriam” is also a fitting reminder and tribute to Sr. Miriam Thomas Thornton, M.M., who devoted 50 years of service to Maryknoll College. Fr. Bernardo Perez, OSB, once reflected that the name “affirms in word what has long been established in fact: namely, that an excellent leading Catholic School founded and administered by religious continues to be an excellent leading Catholic School administered by lay persons.”

The School Seal

Christ super-imposed on a circle — the world, through Veritas — truth.

The Miriam College Seal carries the Chi Rho, a symbol used to indicate the word Christ in Greek. It is made up of the Greek letters chi (X) and rho (p) and was used by the early Christians as a sign of their solidarity with one another.

The seal also carries the word VERITAS which is Latin for TRUTH. Christ said, “I am the Way, the TRUTH, and the life.” We must incarnate Christ in the world by living the truth – in love.

School Hymn

The blue and gold of Miriam
Will keep our spirits flying high.
Wherever we are, wherever we’ll be,
Faithful we’ll always be to thee.
Alma Mater, we’ll be true
To your spirit through and through.

We sing thy praises, Miriam
Thy joy, thy wisdom, and love.
Lead onward, heavenward, Miriam
God’s blessings be yours from above.

Oh Miriam, so fair and true
We pledge our loyalty to you.
Witness to Christ throughout the land
Children of Mary, hand in hand.
Alma Mater, you will be
Ever fair and dear to me.

Repeat Refrain

Original Lyrics by High School Class '54
Musical Arrangement by Sister Francis Leo
Lyrics revised in 1989

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The School Mascot: Maria Katipunera

Our school mascot's first name Maria is derived from Mary and the Aramaic "Miryan" meaning "rebel", which can be attributed to Miriam of Nazareth, our patroness. In addition, we strongly identify with the song of Miriam of the Magnificat, which reflects our school's aspirations for truth, justice and peace, as well as our own core values. 

The second name Katipunera is what a group of alumni and employees called themselves as they marched against the Marcos dictatorship during the EDSA Revolution in 1986. In true "rebellious" form, the group donned yellow shirts and a salakot, a traditional wide-brimmed hat usually made of rattan. The name also commemorates the heroism of the women and men of the Katipunan, and affirms women's invaluable contributions to the 1896 revolution. Lastly, the name is also derived from our physical location on Katipunan Avenue, in Quezon City.  

Much loved by the community, Maria Katipunera has become the poster girl for all our events and causes. She is a reminder of the qualities we want our girls and young women at Miriam College to possess: strength, courage, leadership, service, and love of country - and lots of spunk and spirit!