Student Activities

Miriam College recognizes the integral role that the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities play in the students’ educational experience. In line with the vision-mission of the school, the Student Activity program aims to expand and develop students’ educational experience through a wide variety of activities and experiences.

The following are the non-academic offerings:

Homeroom Program

The Homeroom Program provides for the emotional, physical, social, and spiritual well-being of the MCLS student. The schedule for homeroom period is a unique feature in the Lower School. Students will begin each day with their homeroom advisers for 10-15 minutes to cover daily routines, reminders and information dissemination, and character formation through modules and mini-lessons. At the end of each day, before going home, students will meet their advisers again to establish wrap-up routines and ensure that assignments and reminders have been copied in their Bridge.

Spiritual Formation Program

Miriam College values the spiritual formation of every student. The Spiritual Formation Program provides avenues to exercise one’s Catholic faith and imbibe Marian virtues and values. A Campus Minister leads the community in its various spiritual formation activities, which include Daily Mass, First Friday Mass, Living Rosary, Marian Journal Reflection every Wednesday and Moments with God. Spiritual exercises like the First Holy Communion in Grade 3 and journal writing activities are regarded by students and parents as most memorable occasions of life in the Lower School.

Integrated Academic Celebrations

Integrated Academic celebrations are venues for showcasing student’ skills and application of concepts learned in the subject areas concerned. Some academic celebrations include: Buwan ng Wika at Kulturang Pilipino for Araling Panlipunan and Filipino, MusiCLE or Music and Christian Living Education, Literacy, Numeracy, and Technology Week for Reading, Language, Mathematics, Science, and Computer, ARCHeS Exhibits for Art, Computer, HELE and Science.


Students choose a club of their interest when they get to grades 4 and 5. The 35 clubs are clustered, following the multiple intelligences theory of Howard Gardner. It is here where students explore their talents and skills, interact with students other than their own classmates, and engage in outreach activities. The Foreign Languages program, Saturday Robotics classes, and extra Tee-ball/Softball sessions cater to special interests.

Field Trips

To enhance classroom learning, students are afforded first hand experiences during Field trips. It is here that students develop a better appreciation for history, culture, nature, and technology while enjoying their time bonding with each other.

Extra-Curricular Activities

To further hone the students’ talents and to explore avenues for creative expressions, the school highly encourages its students to participate in various extra-curricular activities held inside and outside the school. Our Kapitbahay (outreach) program has benefitted children of neighboring communities for over a decade. Participation in Developmental Leagues for the MILO BEST, Women’s Basketball & Volleyball Leagues, and the Philippine Volleyball League have produced star athletes among our students.
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