Miriam College Adult Education 

MAE was established by the Maryknoll Sisters in 1967 as a special academic unit of Miriam College and it is the first school to offer a program for underprivileged adults and out-of-school youth.

It provides quality and affordable education to the underprivileged youth and adults, especially to those who have been out of school for years. MAE 's Basic Education Program provides students with life-skills, knowledge and values to help them improve their lives. On the other hand, MAE's Technical Vocational Program hones students' competencies, in accordance with industry standards, to prepare them for a wide-range of occupations.

Services such as guidance and counseling, spiritual development activities, personality development, leadership and advocacy training are also provided as part of MAE's holistic student formation.


Basic Education Program

  • Alternative Learning System
  • Junior High School
  • Senior High School:
     • Technical-Vocational and Livelihood Track
     • Home Economics Strand and Industrial Arts Strand

Technical Vocation Programs

10-Month Courses

Automotive Servicing NC II

This course develops the competencies to prepare the trainee for both NC I and NC II assessment. The trainee is honed to meet the following qualifications to be competent Automotive Mechanic and Automotive Service Technician:

  1. Perform basic engine servicing, removal, and installation of vehicle components for both diesel and gasoline engine powered vehicles.
  2. Inspect, clean, and repair mechanical or electrical parts., components, assemblies and sub-assemblies of light and heavy-duty automotive vehicle with diesel

Bartending NC II

This course prepares the trainee to be competent Bartender, Barkeeper, and Bar Utility Crew. The trainee is expected to develop the required competencies to be able to operate a bar, prepare and mix cocktails and non-alcoholic concoctions, and provide basic wine service to guests.

Beauty Care NC II

This course is intended for persons aspiring to be Junior Beautician. Training includes performing beauty care services, manicure and pedicure, hand and foot spa, body massage, body scrub, facial treatment, and applying facial make-up.

Cookery NC II

This course develops the trainee to achieve the required competencies to be able to prepare various courses for hot and cold meals, make desserts, and clean kitchen areas in food service industry. Competent trainees are developed to become Cooks and Assistant Cooks and may be assigned in Garde Manger and in the Hot Kitchen or in Pastry section of the food establishment.

Food and Beverage Services NC II

This course provides training to develop the required competencies for the person to be able to provide food and beverage service to guests in various food and beverage service facilities. Trainees can be Waiters and Food and Beverage Service Attendant after completing the course.

Food Processing

This course develops the trainee to be Food Production Aide and Packaging Aide. Training involves various food processing methods and technologies by salting; curing and smoking; fermentation and pickling; food treatment with sugar concentration; and packaging of processed food products.

Hairdressing NC II

This course caters to aspiring Salon Junior Assistant, Colorist, Permist, Make-up Artist, Haircutter, and Hair Stylist. Qualifications consists of competencies that trainees  must achieve to perform basic hair care services such as hair coloring, bleaching, haircutting, straightening and perming and basic facial make-up application.

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5-Month Courses

Barista NC II

This course specializes in making coffee beverages that is designed for aspiring Barista. Training includes preparing good quality coffee concoctions for commercially-operated cafes or specialty coffee shops.

Bread and Pastry Production NC II

This course develops the trainee to be Pastry Commis Junior Chef and Baker. The trainee must be able to clean equipment, tools, and utensils; and prepare, portion and plate pastries, breads and other dessert items to guests in hotels, motels, restaurants, clubs, canteens, resorts and luxury lines/cruises and other related operations.

Contact Center Services NC II

This course trains the student to interact with customers in providing information about products and services.  It also develops their skill in handling customer’s complaints, inbound customer service, order taking and inquiry response, and outbound telemarketing. Competent trainees can be inbound/outbound Contact Center Service Agent and assume other entry-level positions on sales, customer service, technical support, IT helpdesk, survey and collection.

Dressmaking NC II

This course prepares trainees to be qualified Dressmaker and Garment Sewer. Training enables the trainees to draft and cut pattern; lay-out pattern on the material/fabric, sew material/fabric and apply finishing touches on ladies casual apparel which consist of casual dress, blouse, skirt, trouser, shorts and culottes.

Electronics Products Assembly and Servicing NC II

This course develops the trainee to be competent in assembling electronic products; preparing printed circuit boards (PCB) modules; and installing and servicing consumer and industrial electronic products and systems. Competent trainees can be Electronic Products Assembler, Domestic Appliance Service Technician, Audio-Video Service Technician, Industrial Electronic Technician, Electronic Production Line Assembler, and Factory Production Worker.

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Short Non-NC Courses

This program is developed for continuing education and to meet the needs and interests of the diverse public. The design of each course include specific interesting topics that suit the working professionals, entrepreneurs, food and beauty enthusiasts, housewives, and hobbyists to learn new skills and expand avenues to engage in productive ventures.

Beauty Care

Module 1: Nail Art
Module 2:  Make-up application

Bread and Pastry Production

Module 1: Bread Making 
Module 2: Baking and Decorating Cakes


Module 1: Chicken Appetizers
Module 2: Pasta Recipes
Module 3: Salad and Dressing

Food Processing

Module 1: Preparing Longganisa and Siomai
Module 2: Preparing Chicken Galantina
Module 3: Preparing Rellenong Bangus and Smoked Fish

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Contact Information

Miriam Adult Education
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Quezon City 1108 Philippines

(+632) 5805400 to 29 extn. 3514 or 3516

Email: mae@mc.edu.ph

MAE Office Hours

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