College of Arts and Sciences 

The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) provides undergraduate and post-graduate liberal education to young women, students with special needs and adults. CAS takes a holistic approach to education rooted in the core values of truth, justice, peace and integrity of creation. CAS education provides personalized mentoring and meaningful academic and life experiences steeped in service and advocacy. CAS graduates are committed to societal transformation and are productive members of society and of the global community.

Our Degree Programs

BA Applied Arts Major in Visual Design

The Bachelor of Applied Arts in Visual Design is an ideal training ground for a design profession in the creative industries. The program provides students a strong understanding of art, design and culture so that they may learn how to develop creative thinking strategies, and produce effective and innovative solutions to visual communication design challenges using their aesthetic skills in multimedia platforms, both in classical drawing techniques and in new digital media formats.

The course emphasizes hands-on learning experiences in the art & design studios and computer laboratories where students engage in conceptualizing 2D- and 3D-forms across disciplines such as advertising graphics, animation, branding, creative photography, digital apps, packaging, product, typography and web design. Industry-based professionals carry out mentoring and one-on-one supervision activities; while the portfolio, thesis project exhibit, and job training (internship) provide collaborative opportunities for networking with actual companies, artists and designers in various fields of expertise. At the end of the program, the multi-disciplinarity of the student in putting theories into industry practice is evaluated against global trends and international design standards.

Bachelor of Arts Major in Communication

The Bachelor of Arts Major in Communication program aims to develop in students a comprehensive understanding of the nature, basic theories, and applications of communication.

The curriculum is designed to train students in the design and production of multi-media products. Knowledge and skills are imparted to students in a variety of channels such as print, radio, television, online, theater, and film. Relevant experiences are also provided on the dynamics of interpersonal and group communications, public relations, advertising, marketing, and information and communication technology (ICT). In addition, students are prepared for their entry into the practical world of development communication where they are expected to contribute meaningfully to community building and social understanding through participative and collaborative undertakings.

The degree program aims to develop students to become effective communicators and practitioners of Miriam College’s core values. Graduates are expected to be technically competent and ready for the demands of the field, where their skills in communication management, consensus building, multi-media presentations, and multi-cultural and community organization can be put to good use.

BS Biology

The Bachelor of Science in Biology program is designed as, but not limited to, a pre-medicine course but also opens doors to a wide range of work opportunities as a professional Biologist/Microbiologist.

The strength of the program lies on the comprehensive selection and sequences of non-biology tool courses, biology core courses and biology electives which bring in trends and new developments in biology. The inclusion of analytical chemistry serves as a tool to strengthen students’ knowledge and skills to perform quality analytical work for the bio-sciences. The four-unit course in special problems fosters research capability and integrity of scientific inquiry through public viewing and critiquing of students’ research outputs.

The program has two tracks: the pre-medicine track which prepares students who plan to pursue a degree in medicine and the micro-biological research track which equips students to undertake quality research and development work, bio-science and industrial-related activities.

The microbiological track qualifies students to take the licensure examination for Registered Microbiologist given by the Philippine Academy for Microbiology.

BS Environmental Planning & Management

With our country’s escalating problems on environmental degradation, urban congestion and widespread poverty, the Environmental Planning and Management (EPM) course provides the education needed to help us plan and manage a better future.

The program has two tracks:

  1. Urban Planning and Green Architecture
    This career track will equip students with computer-aided planning and architectural skills on Geographic Information System (GIS), AutoCAD, etc., backed-up with knowledge on green architectural aesthetics and design techniques.

  2. Corporate Environmental Management
    This career track will equip students with technical knowledge on environmental quality standards and pollution management, environmental cost management, and in assisting business firms in complying with government requirements and procedures.
    EPM students learn from field experiences in different parts of the country and from interaction with communities, business entities, government and advocacy groups. They work and learn as a team and, through these, are able to hone their leadership skills as well.
    EPM students closely collaborate with the Environmental Studies Institute (ESI) of Miriam College on their research and advocacy work where they learn by blending theory and practice.

BA International Studies

The Bachelor of Arts major in International Studies (IS) is a comprehensive inter-disciplinary program that enhances competence in international relations and development. It leads to professional careers in diplomatic and consular affairs as well as employment in inter-governmental and other international development organizations. Its International Politics (ISI) track combined with a Minor in Peace Studies concentrate on issues of peace and human security, war and conflict as well as inter-dependence among state and non-state actors combined with skills building in peace education, conflict resolution and mediation. Its Development Studies (ISD) track combined with a Minor in Gender Studies concentrate on issues of poverty, human well-being, development planning, management and finance and has a special focus on gender analysis and integration in poverty responses and development cooperation.

BS Psychology

The program has two tracks: medicine track and non-medicine track. The medicine track has additional courses that prepare students who wish to pursue higher studies in medical and allied medical courses upon graduation.

Graduates of both programs are prepared for the licensure exam in psychometrics. They are also ready to pursue graduate studies in Developmental Psychology at Miriam College or advance studies in psychology in other graduate schools of any college or university to qualify in more specialized professions in psychology.

BA Psychology

This program provides a thorough understanding of the basic scientific principles in understanding human behavior and thinking processes. It aims to turn out graduates who will join the country’s pool of experts in human behavior and productivity enhancement, researchers in the behavioral sciences, and a potent labor supply that can assist in bringing about economic development, good governance, and national development. 

A Miriam Psychology student is given a further edge. Alongside intensive major area studies, a student takes up electives in human resource management, Sikolohiyang Filipino, Environmental Psychology, Positive Psychology, Family Psychology, Forensic Psychology and education, plus subjects in  philosophy and communications that will make them more competitive in the mainstream of business and industry, the academe, government and private sector, or in applied medical arts. A BA Psychology student can also choose to minor in Special Education with the College of Education.

A Graduate of the BA program is prepared for the licensure exam in psychometrics. She is also ready to pursue graduate studies in Developmental Psychology at the Miriam College Graduate School or advance studies in psychology in other graduate schools of any college or university to qualify in more specialized professions in psychology.

BS Social Work

The social work program adheres to producing professionals who are competent, passionate and socially committed in their chosen field and in diverse work settings. The social work program commits to form students who are globally-creative thinkers yet taking pride in their national heritage, who can bring strong leadership skills to the job yet attuned to harnessing individual human potentials.

The social work program combines in the social work curriculum the concept of internationalism and multi-disciplinary approaches. This perspective includes looking at how global issues impact on local communities, people and individuals; and different layers of interventions that are responsive and effective. With the knowledge, skills and attitudes students acquire, they understand better policy implications, work effectively in service delivery and resource management.

Associate in Computer Technology

Associate in Computer Technology (2 year program)

This program was developed in recognition of the leaps made in information technology in the global arena. The program, therefore, aims to develop a human resource pool that will supply the requirements of IT-aided operations. The 2-year program in Associate in Computer Technology offers students subjects that will develop their skills and competencies in computer management, operations, and soft ware applications. 

Associate Program for Deaf Students

(For regular and deaf students)

In an effort to help deaf students who are talented and motivated to realize their full potential within a supportive and accepting hearing environment, Miriam College offers a tertiary level education program in Computer Technology for such students.

This program develops the skills of deaf students in the basics of computer operations and prepares them to cope with the normal classroom conditions of subjects under the regular curriculum. The follow-on 2-year Associate Program is a specialized program for students who aspire to eventually mainstream in social and economic enterprises. Students are further equipped with the fundamentals of computer technologies, software applications, and desktop-generated publications.

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