CBEA Business Centers 

The Business Incubation Center Laboratory is designed similar to that of a conference room that will be used for the practicum of BS Entrepreneurship students. The purpose of the laboratory is to allow students to have a place where they could meet up and consult with their mentors to discuss about their business.

Coordinator: Ms. Maria Luisa Gatchalian & Ms. Theresa Cruz 

Café Entrep is a business laboratory for entrepreneurship students taking up Culinary Arts Management. Believing in every student’s potential to excel in this field, Café Entrep serves to be a medium whereby students’ culinary skills can be honed and developed to the fullest. The Café strives to satisfy customers by offering extraordinary culinary experience through delightful dishes using fresh, rich, healthy ingredients.  

Coordinator: Chef Jan Corazon Viray

The CBEA Bookstore Laboratory (CBLab) is a ‘quasi’ mini corporation engaged in bookstore retail operations. CBLab aims to hone both hard and soft skills of the students which are necessary to make MC business graduates better prepared and competitive in the work market. By working in the bookstore units (consisting of the Grade school, the High school, and College bookstores) the students get the chance to apply classroom learning to real-life business operations. They learn the value of cooperation and team work, good customer relations, as well as develop their leadership skills.

Coordinator: Ms. Elvira Santos 

The Internet Research Center provides internet connection and other digital services such as printing, CD burning, and fax. Students manage this business center and passionately utilize and enhance their entrepreneurial skills to be the best leaders in their field. 

Coordinator: Ms. Aida Duque

Finance Laboratory

The Finance Laboratory is designed to provide finance students access to “real time” stock market data which will allow them to apply their relevant classroom learning from their Finance subjects. It is envisioned to provide students an edge through holistic and innovative learning opportunities to help them gain industry-based competencies and strengthen their entry-level qualifications. 

Coordinator: Dr. Elaine L. Boquiren

Souvenir Shop

The Souvenir Shop is the official Miriam College shop that sells the school’s souvenir items. This is where students train and learn to operate a business as well as handling and managing people. The shop is also intended for students to put into practice the skills and techniques learned in the course such as selling, marketing, and pricing of items. 

Travel Bureau

Travel Bureau is managed by CBEA’s Leisure and Tourism Management (LTM) Department in cooperation with a duly accredited agency that provides LTM students firsthand experience in managing and operating a travel agency. Travel bureau facilitates student learning through actual travel and tour operations. It also educates the students by introducing them to professional competency in the leisure and tourism industry.      

Coordinator: Mr. Allan Paul Tang 

Contact Information

Business Incubation Center

Café Entep
580-5400 loc 8281

CBEA Bookstore
580-5400 loc 2130

Internet Research Center
580-5400 loc 1098

Travel Bureau
580-5400 loc 2205