Administrators and Faculty


Rosario Margarita A. Aligada

College of Education Dean

  • Ph. D. in Reading Education
  • Master in Education major in Special Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Community Nutrition
  • Master Practitioner of Brief Solution Focused Therapy
Working as a nutritionist in a preschool stimulated Rose Aligada's interest in Education. An invitation to join a school for children with special needs was her call to serve and advocate for children, and persons with disabilities. Developing these groups' interest and competencies in reading and meaning-making, and developing their functional and life skills is a constant challenge and source of fulfillment for her as a practitioner of special education,  as a reading specialist, and as a brief solution-focused practitioner.

Department Chairpersons

Mary Francis Therese B. Pelias, M.A.
Chairperson, Child Development and Education

Rosario Margarita A. Aligada, Ph.D.
Chairperson, Special Education

Maria Paz Consolacion A. Manaligod, Ph.D.
Chairperson, Special Graduate Program


Maria Cynthia Alcantara, Ph.D.
Rosario Margarita Aligada Ph.D.
Antonia Blanca, Ph.D.
Eduardo Caligner, Ph.D.
Maria Lourdes Chavez, M.A
Maria Corazon Colendrino, M.A.
Editha de la Cruz, Ph.D.
Caroline de Leon, Ph.D.
Josefina Era, M.A.
Maria Carmen Gaerlan, Ed.D.
Marion Jude Gorospe, M.A.
Milagros Ibe, Ph.D.
Clarissa Carmelita Ligon, M.A.
Ma. Therese Macapagal, Ed.D.
Maria Paz Consolacion Manaligod, Ph.D.
Zosima Medrano Ph.D.
Susan Morillo, M.A.
Teresita Paed-Pedrajas, Ed.D.
Mary Francis Therese Pelias, M.A.
Genevieve Rivaledo, Ph.D.
Mariano Singson Jr., M.A.
Emelita Jane Tan, M.A.
Ma. Jamelia Villanueva, M.A.