Outbound Programs 

Miriam College offers a unique opportunity for young women to experience the world outside of the classroom --- to witness the diversity of cultures, to listen to the ideas of other peoples, and to learn from the realities of different societies. The goal is to operationalize the vision for our students, who are “rooted in Filipino culture and Asian traditi on” to embody the ideal of being “citi zens of the world”. The concretization of this vision is the basis for an insti tuti onalized program for internati onal student exchange and short-term internati onal programs.

The international education offerings of Miriam College are designed to provide opportunities for qualified undergraduate and graduate students to experience the culture and academic life of other countries. They are required to return to the Philippines at the end of the program and resume their studies at Miriam College. Qualified Miriam College students may participate in any of the following international programs:


  1. Junior Semester Abroad Program
    opens opportunities for students to spend a semester of their junior year in any of the partner schools of Miriam College. Students will enroll and pay their full tuiti on in Miriam College but will attend classes at the host university of their choice. The grades that they will earn will be sent back to Miriam College for credit.
  2. Junior Year Abroad Program
    provides students a chance to spend their junior year in any of the partner schools of Miriam College. Students will pay the tuiti on fee at the partner university.

Both programs entail students to pass through the application and screening processes at Miriam College and comply with all the requirements of the partner university (e.g. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), student visa, health insurance, and others). The maximum unit load will be mutually determined by Miriam College and the partner university. The grades of the exchange students will be provided by the partner university and will be transmuted to the Miriam College grading system.

Roundtrip airfare, lodging and meals will be borne by the participant unless waived or provided by the host university under a special arrangement.

The list below shows the partner universiti es where Miriam College students may choose to spend their exchange programs:

  • Ewha Womans University, KOREA
  • Georgian Court University, USA
  • Hanshin University, KOREA
  • Kobe College, JAPAN
  • Ming Chuan University, TAIWAN
  • Royal Melbourne Insti tute of Technology (RMIT) University, AUSTRALIA
  • Seisen University, JAPAN
  • University of Delaware, USA
  • University of Hildesheim , GERMANY
  • Whitireia Community Polytechnic, NEW ZEALAND
  • Youngsan University, SOUTH KOREA
  • Dominican University of California, USA


Short-term study tours are specialized programs tailor fi tt ed to the needs of Miriam College undergraduate or graduate student-parti cipants. The students spend one to four weeks at Miriam College partner universiti es to att end seminars, training, short courses, and the like.

Depending on the number of session hours, it is possible to have the students’ parti cipati on in any of these programs parti ally or fully credited as their practicum.

Global Business Management & Entrepreneurship Study Tour
  • University of Delaware, USA
  • Duration of Program: 16 days
  • Every Summer (April)

The study tour gives students an opportunity to attend business and women’s courses in the University of Delaware as well as meet local business associati ons such as Harrington Business, Women’s Business Network, East and Southeast Asian Union, and the like. The program includes tours and participation in on-campus activities.


The Language and Culture programs are primarily designed for students to learn a foreign language abroad and to experience diff erent cultures for a period ranging from one to two weeks. Currently, the Japan Language and Culture program is off ered by Seisen University (Tokyo) and Kobe College (Osaka) and the French Language and Culture Program by the Insti tut de Langue & de Culture Francaises (ILCF)(Paris). Depending on the number of language session hours, it is possible to have the students’ participati on in these programs to be parti ally credited in their foreign language subject in Miriam College.

French Language & Business/Culture Program

  • ILCF Institut Catholique de Paris, France
    Duration of Program: 1 week
    Every Summer (May) and Semestral Break (October)
  • Seisen University, Tokyo and Kobe College, Osaka
    Duration of Program: 2 weeks
    Every Semestral Break (October)
The Japan Language and Culture program offers student-parti cipants a great opportunity to learn Nihongo and experience Japanese culture. The Cultural Program includes a combination of field trips, hands-on arts and craft s workshops, and lectures about contemporary and traditional Japanese way of life. Cultural acti viti es include: traditional tea ceremony, incense burning ceremony, multimedia presentations, and visits to shrines and museums.

A qualifying exam can be taken in Miriam College aft er the program in lieu of FL-11 (Nihongo).


The two to four-week research internship or field work program opens opportuniti es for students to do part of their fi eld research (i.e. thesis work) or on-the-job training (i.e. practicum) abroad. They will pay the equivalent tuiti on at Miriam College as well as the fee for academic supervision at the partner university. The academic supervisor will provide the rati ng of the student’s work and this will be factored in the over-all thesis or practicum grade of the student.
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