Student Programs and Activities 

The Sanggunian ng Mag-Aaral ng Miriam

Miriam College aims to develop responsible, Christian, and committed student servant-leaders who will eventually become key figures in their chosen fields. Hence, it seeks to moti vate students to form or join
organizati ons and exercise such leadership in pursuit of clearly defi ned objecti ves and initi ate student-directed endeavors established along their varied interests and needs.

The Sanggunian ng mga Mag-aaral ng Miriam exercises supervision over the year councils, co-curricular organizations, and extra-curricular organizati ons and coordinates the multi farious activities initiated by them. The officers of the Sanggunian represent the students in the decision-making bodies of the College and in inter-school affairs.

Year Councils

Each year level has its own set of offi cers who initi ates activities. The year council officers coordinate with the members of their batch through the class/major representatives.
  • First Year Council
  • Sophomore Council
  • Junior Council
  • Senior Council

Independent Bodies

  • COMELEC - a non partisan body that plans, coordinates, conducts and supervises all electoral proceedings for all organizations.
    the official student publication of Miriam College which disseminates news about the activities and concerns of the school and the Philippine society as well. Student writers are encouraged to voice their ideas, beliefs, and opinions through this publicati on guided by the principles of responsible journalism.

Co-Curricular Organizations

The co-curricular organizations serve as an extension of particular fi elds of concentrati on off ered by the College and are designed to improve and enrich the academic experiences of the students. See full list >>

Extra-Curricular Organizations

See full list >>
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