First Year Development Program

The First Year Development Program (FDP) is a support program that aims at helping the first year students imbibe positive atti tudes towards studying in Miriam College.

The program emphasizes an understanding of the school vision-mission and its core values and how these values can be applied in their school and personal lives. At the same time, FDP aims to orient the first year students on policies which would facilitate their adjustment to Miriam’s academic and non-academic culture.

To be able to fulfill its objectives, the First Year Development Program implements a one-unit subject every semester for first year students: MC-101: (Miriam College Culture, Identity, and Social Responsibility in the first semester and MC-102: (Miriam College Culture, Identity, and Social Responsibility in the second semester. 

MC-101 consists of a series of orientations to enhance student adjustment and its thrust is on self-esteem and bodily integrity. Enhancement of self-esteem can lead to confidence in dealing with one’s areas for improvement and relationships with other people. Enhancement of bodily integrity will enable the students to project their body with poise and grace.

MC-102 consists of modules which Miriam College’s advocacy centers have collaborated on and aims to make the students realize that school life and life in the outside world are not dichotomous, but closely interwoven, if they have to live Miriam College’s vision-mission to be “women leaders in service”.

The First Year Development Program is headed by the First Year Coordinator (FC) who is assisted by some faculty members in the implementati on of said program. The FC also coordinates with chairpersons, other offices (ADSA, Guidance, etc.) and parents regarding first year students’ growth and development. Attendance and active parti cipati on in all MC-101 and MC-102 classes are required.


Guidance Program

At the core of the Guidance Program of Miriam College is the concern to facilitate and measure each student’s response to the objectives of the College. The objectives and activities of such a program are thus carefully planned to provide each student with the means to develop and to integrate in the context of her own needs and resources, all skills with which to respond fully to her role as a woman in her country. 

  • Individual Counseling for students who wish to work out personal concerns more thoroughly. Full-time counselors are available at the Guidance Center for the students.
  • Research and Testing Program aims at administering psychological tests to individuals or groups to help them understand themselves-their interests, values, aptitudes, personality traits, potential career, and job preference. Tests given for each year level support the Peer Counseling Program and help surface the needs along the year themes.
  • Interpretation of guidance tests for all students who have taken the test is done on a one-on-one basis.
  • Peer Counseling for students who are open to sharing and discussing their problems with women of their own age. Peer counselors who are members of P.E.O.P.L.E. and who have been trained by the Guidance staff and their moderator facilitate these groups. They assist the guidance counselors in group counseling.
  • Career Counseling for all students to explore possible choices for a major academic program, reinforce vocational decisions, and develop career plans after college.
  • Placement informati on on employment opportuniti es in various professional fields. Career seminars and lectures are also given to assist students in seeking worthwhile jobs in their fields of interest. Annual job fairs are held to invite prospective employers to the school.
  • Special Group Counseling for married and foreign students to assist them in their adjustment to the difficulties in college.
  • Enrichment Talks/Symposia for more in-depth informati on on issues of interest to students.

Residence Hall

The Miriam College LEAD Center Residence Hall is the school's brand new, on-campus dormitory that can house as many as 130 students and guests. This four-story facility has two residential clusters—15 rooms located on the the first two floors are for conference/workshop guests and 16 rooms on the 3rd and 4th floors are for students.

For inquiries and reservations, please contact the Residence Hall at phone numbers (02) 4346946 or (02) 580-5400 extension number 1094 or email <>.

View pictures of the Residence Hall >> 

Campus Ministry Office

The Campus Ministry Office (CMO) of the College unit envisions the formation and spiritual development of the students, faculty and non-teaching staff, and is committed to help:

  • create a faith-filled community in the college
  • provide evangelization and formation activities
  • celebrate the faith in various liturgical gatherings, through retreats and recollections, talks and seminars on spiritual growth, daily masses and special liturgies, and other sacraments, evangelization materials, pastoral and spiritual counseling. 

Audio-Visual Office

The College Audio-Visual Office operates under the supervision of the Library Media Center Supervisor. Its office is located on the third floor of the Sister Miriam Thomas Hall (SMT Hall).

  • Resources
    The College AV maintains and provides an extensive collection of audio-visual materials, equipment, and facilities for students, faculty members, and administrators. These are composed of:
    • realia and models
    • two and three-dimensional displays
    • projected still images
    • audio recording
    • video recording
    • multiple media (e.g. kits, sound slides/film strip)
    • multimedia (e,g, interactive software, Powerpoint presentations
  • Audio-Visual Facilities 
    The AVRs and the Lecture Rooms are equipped with a sound system and a multi media computer with internet connection. AVR-A, AVR-B, and AVR-C are equipped with Multi media/LCD Projectors, and AVR-D, with a Wide Screen TV.


The primary objective of the Miriam College Library is to make its services contribute as effectively as possible to the instructional program of the College. The library provides students and faculty reference materials and research resources to supplement classroom activities.

The Library is located at the first and second floor of the Sister Miriam Thomas Hall (SMT) and is serviced by professional librarians and support staff who have an understanding of educational philosophy and teaching methods. They work with the faculty in selecting and evaluating materials to support the instructional programs of the Higher Education Unit.


Print Publications
A wide range of resources like books on various disciplines, periodicals like magazines and journals (print and online); and microfiche collection. Aside from the general book collections (local and foreign), there are some books that are classified by subject area to efficiently serve the library users

Electronic Resources

Library Services
  • Library Orientation
  • photoduplicating machines
  • interlibrary use of CEAP and CWC LIBRARIES – Students of member schools like Miriam College are allowed to use the Consortium of Women’s Colleges (CWC) and Catholic Educati onal Association of the Philippines (CEAP) libraries, free of charge, and subject to its library rules and regulati ons.
  • American Reading Center - in coordination with the Thomas Jefferson Information Center, Miriam College hosts an American Shelf that includes pamphlets and brochures and other information materials on American Studies
  • Reading Nooks - corners are set up to encourage and promote readership among students
  • Faculty Reading Room

Internet Center
Located on the ground floor of the MMJ Building, has a number of computers that can be used by students to access the internet for research purposes. It also provides other computerrelated services such as printing and CD burning.

Special Services

Health Service
The college maintains a well-equipped medical and dental clinic as part of its health program. During the school year, all students are required to undergo a physical examination conducted by the College Clinic staff. Should further medical and dental treatment be required as a result of this examination, the student’s parents are notified and referral is made to the student’s family physician. A nurse is available during school hours. She keeps a medical and dental record of each student. 

Food Service
Food service of the college is available at the Cafeteria, which is maintained by a concessionaire. Snacks, hot meals, and beverages are available daily from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Telephone Service
Public telephones are available for students’ use on campus. All students are expected to use these prudently. Students may not use office telephones.

Locker Room
The Locker Room has 886 lockers and 12 shower rooms that are available for the students. A minimal fee is charged for the use of the lockers.

Adequate parking space is provided for students and other campus visitors. Proper traffi c and parking regulations are expected to be followed by everyone.

Books, compilations, handouts, school supplies and other miscellaneous items may be purchased at the CBEA Bookstore.

Wi-Fi Hotspots
Areas in the campus with Wi-Fi connection are:
  • SMT Building
  • 1st Floor: Library
    2nd Floor: Library and Viewing Rooms 1-4
    3rd Floor: Lecture Rooms 1 and 2, Conference Room
    4th Floor (no router present but reached by other routers)
  • Our Lady's Court
  • Study Hall
  • Student's Court / Little Theater
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HEU Contact Information

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