The Vision-Mission Statement of Miriam College is explicit in advancing peace as one of its core values. Peace education began in the early 1980s when peace and global perspectives were infused into certain subjects. Then in 1988, a 3-unit college-level course “Introduction to Peace Studies” was included in the International Studies curriculum. One year later, a Peace Core Group (now called CPE associates) composed of administrators and faculty from various units was convened.

In 1991, the school committed itself to being a Zone of Peace. In its Declaration, the community pledged for the promotion of caring relationships, cooperation, nonviolent conflict resolution, a simple lifestyle and activities of peace and social concern.

In 1993, the Grade 7 students of the school used a peace-oriented social studies curriculum and text. The year also saw the introduction of sessions on nonviolent conflict resolution for college freshmen. This training was extended to the MAE students in 1997 and the High School students in 1998.

In 1997, the Center for Peace Education (CPE) was established. This enabled the more systematic training of Miriam faculty and students, among other things. The CPE launched the Peer Mediation Program and produced materials such as a Peer Mediation Sourcebook and a Peace Education Teacher-Training Manual.

Outside of Miriam College, the CPE has conducted teacher-training and student workshops for other schools throughout the country as well as training for other groups such as urban poor women and out-of-school youth. It has also organized regional and international events such as the Asia-Pacific Youth Conference on the Culture of Peace and the International Institute on Peace Education.

The CPE has endeavored to link with kindred groups. It initiated a Peace Education Network and is active in various other networks including the Mindanao Solidarity Network, Asia-Pacific Network for International Education and Values Education and the Global Campaign for Peace Education of the Hague Appeal for Peace.
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