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"Miriam College helped me become the person that I am today. I learned to be more confident and understanding of other people;  to appreciate what I have and give back to others when I can; and to embrace myself and my femininity and be empowered to do what I want in life".

Maggie Mae Aquino’s father died when she was nine, leaving her mother to be the breadwinner of the family. She studied at a public school in Elementary but her high grades paved the way for her to secure a scholarship in Miriam College High School. Her excellent grades earned her another scholarship at Miriam College until she finally graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Planning & Management degree in 2005. Right after graduation, she worked as a Research Assistant in an NGO that advocates the preservation of coastal  communities against the effects of climate change and the rights of fisherfolk who live in these communities. Thereafter, she moved to Procter & Gamble, starting out as an Administrative Owner providing administrative support to the company and worked her way up to  Solutions Operations Manager. She takes pride in being able to support her family, especially her mother, who sacrificed so much for her to be where she is now.  She continues to be an active volunteer through Procter & Gamble’s different advocacies and attributes her career success and strong sense of volunteerism to her alma mater.


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