Cynthia Onrubia Morales

Assistant to the President for MC NUVALI

  • M.A., Ortanez University

Cynthia Onrubia Morales studied Bachelor of Arts major in Psychology at the Philippine Women’s College of Davao and Masters in Education major in Guidance and Counseling at the Ortanez University. She has been a Guidance Counselor/Director, Freshman Coordinator in the Higher Education Unit. She also became the Principal of the Child Study Center.

Ms. Christine Joy Q. Corsiga
Academic Coordinator for Preschool to Grade 4

Mr. Benjamin T. Santiago
Academic Coordinator for Grades 5-11

Ms. Ruby S. Magsino

Administrative and Student Services Coordinator

Mr. Hanz  B. Ponceca
MISMO Coordinator

Mr. Danell C. Aralar
Librarian (all levels)

Ms. Jeanilyn G. Ibarrola
Guidance Counselor (all levels)