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Requesting for School Documents

Higher Education Unit

Download and accomplish the appropriate form below and email to the HEU Registrar's Office at <> for processing.

We do not send documents to alumni overseas and to recipients other than the owner of the document (e.g. an embassy or a company the alumna has applied to). However, we can enclose the document in a sealed envelope addressed to any recipient.

  Request Form for Transcript of Records, Diploma, and Certifications
(Undergraduate Programs) 
Request Form for Transcript of Records, Diploma, and Certifications
(Graduate Programs) 

Fees and processing duration are subject to change without prior notice.

You will receive a due date when you can claim the requested document/s and pay the fees. If you will not be able to personally claim the documents, you may send a representative who must present a valid ID and authorization letter with a photocopy/scanned copy of your ID.

 Instructions and reminders when claiming your requested documents

For inquiries, call or email the College Registrar's Office.

Basic Education Unit

For graduates of CSC, Lower School, Middle School, and High School Units.

1. Fill out the Request Form below and send to <> for processing.
2. Pay at the cashier.  
2. Present receipt and form at the Records Section.
3. Processing of school records will be 2 working days upon filing of request except for the Academic Performance Record which will take 3 working days. During peak periods additional 2 working days will be required for all requests.
4. Release of documents will only be to the student, parents, guardians and authorized representative with letter of authorization and I.D. Presentation of the Official Receipt is also required.

Additional requirements for requesting and claiming of documents in behalf of an alumna:

1. An authorization letter from the requesting alumna;
2. A copy of the valid ID of the requesting alumna bearing her signature;
3. A valid ID of the authorized person.

Request Form
Basic Education Unit

HEU Registrar's Office

Higher Education Unit
Registrar's Office

Mother Mary Joseph Hall
Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights
Quezon City 1108 Philippines 

(+63 2) 5805400 to 29
local numbers 2013, 2016, and 2036

Direct Line: (+63 2) 4359236

Telefax: (+63 2) 4359236

BEU Registar's Office
Basic Education Unit
Registrar's Office

(+63 2) 580.5400 to 29
local 3113 (for high school)
local 8276 (for lower and middle school)