Teachers are planting for the next generation, although most of the time they will not see the results of their work in their lifetime.

Speaking at the end of the three-day International Conference on Learning and Teaching (ICLT) at Miriam College, Helen Graham, MM, said, “Teaching requires commitment and a willingness to live in faith, a willingness to wait for results and maybe not see them at all.”

The Maryknoll sister, who had been a teacher for more than four decades, gave a talk on “Teaching God’s Love in Action.”

She told her audience, “One of the joys of having taught in the same institute for almost 44 years, is you live long enough to have your students become your colleagues, even your dean.”

Describing herself as a student of the sacred scripture, Graham, who taught at Miriam when it was still called Maryknoll, said, “Teaching, as you all know so well, is done in many situations—all of us are, in one way or another, teaching.”