Institutional Initiatives

Miriam College aims to create a learning environment that enables its students to embrace STEM in their everyday lives. As such, there is a continuous effort to enhance our programs to keep girls and young women curious, creative, and competitive.

E-Learning Tool Project

Miriam College introduced the use of the tablet to a pilot batch of First Year High School students, starting SY 2012-2013. The tablet serves as an interactive tool to help them organize their work, collaborate with others, communicate with teachers, and create multimedia presentations and projects in a variety of subjects including STEM. 

Robotics in the Curriculum

  Miriam College will integrate robotics-based lessons and activities to equip students with other essential 21st century skills through the following:

  • Robotics Club
  • Annual and summer Robotics Workshop
  • Engineering Sciences Elective
  • Robotic-building competitions and Alternative Learning Experiences (ALEx) sessions during Girls at the Center Week 

MC Science Garden

The MC Science Garden will be an open classroom for active learning and scientific explorations where students can learn about the environment through topics such as urban gardening, vermicomposting, and hydrophonics.
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