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Associate in Digital Technologies

The Associate in Digital Technologies is a two-year associate program that provides a holistic overview of information technology and multimedia applications.

The program is designed to accommodate individuals who are coming from different academic backgrounds including those who are deaf.

Why take up ADT at MC?

  • Enables the students to learn the essentials of digital technologies and develop an understanding on how these are applied in varied industries related to design and digital media
  • Equips the students with the theoretical and practical skills needed to be competitive in the workplace
  • Provides students who are differently-abled their right to dignity, individuality, uniqueness and an opportunity to become fully participating citizens within their cultures, to the degree permitted by their abilities and capacities.
  • Allows students to take further studies in the field of Bachelor of Design with tracks in Visual Communication or Product Innovation, Education, Psychology, and Entrepreneurship

What Will I Study?

Here are some of the courses you will take during your stay with ACT:

This course presents the principles of 3D Design and Modeling created by combining simple three-dimensional (3D) shapes to form complex structures and organisms that is currently being used as actors in digital animation and prototypes for 3D printing. With the use of different software applications, you will be able to work in 3D space and manipulate pixels and vectors using the program tools to construct 3D figures, architecture, and wearable product designs.
This course covers the fundamental concepts, methodology, and applications of the current Object-Oriented programming language in the design and implementation, syntax and translation, language definition structures, elementary and structured data types, abstraction mechanisms, sequence and data control and run time considerations.
This course covers the technical and historical evolution of motion graphics and the different forms of animation. These collaborative experiences are designed to produce hands-on animated projects and build students’ skills that will be useful for them in the workplace.
The course is designed to provide basic principles of personal computer trouble shooting and repair, which includes the components and functions, proper hardware handling and diagnosing common peripheral failures. It will also focus on removal, reinstallation and configuration of hardware and software components.
This course provides a fundamental operation and application of network design in a Local Area Network environment. Also, the course provides individuals the knowledge of advanced network management by planning network infrastructures, understanding topologies, text visual simulation of routers and command line interface for networking concepts.
This course discusses the use of simple databases and initiates simple queries that creates, reads, updates, deletes any workable data using a structured query language (SQL) platform.
  • Total Program Units: 88 units
    General Education: 46
    Major Courses: 42

  • Standard Completion Time: 2 years

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Career Paths


Upon completion of the associate program, students can continue to other programs such as Design major Visual Communication or Product Innovation, Education, Psychology, or Entrepreneurship. Graduates may also fill positions in the field of information and digital technology:

  • Graphic and web designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Animator
  • Computer programmer and encoder
  • Computer network and data management specialist
  • Systems analyst and designer
  • Desktop publishers
  • Photo / image editor
  • Videographer

Testimonials from Digital Technologies students and faculty

TREASURE BOX | Shanice Marielle Belen

Treasure box—that’s how I value the ACT course. This seemingly small door unraveled and unlocked to the different avenues that leads to a broader spectrum of knowledge. This course enabled me to hav...

Patty Aranza

I was given a chance to spend my Internship in two organizations --- Leonard Cheshire Disability Foundation and IBM Philippines. My training gave me the opportunity to see the actual workplace. This ...

Rosario Rachelle Tansiatco

For a person who is deaf like me, there are many challenges that I had to go through as I was growing up. But I am fortunate and blessed to have a supportive family who brought me to a good school -Mi...

Digital Technologies Program Features

disability-friendly environment

disability-friendly environment

up-to date computer laboratories

activities that promote leadership and social responsibility

activities that promote leadership and social responsibility

activities that promote leadership and social responsibility

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